Received passport of Ukraine: SBU arrested a United Russia from Sevastopol

Получил загранпаспорт Украины: СБУ арестовала единоросса из Севастополя

Igor Curly. Illustration:
SBU interrogates the arrested in Ukraine, member of the political Council of “United Russia” of Sevastopol Igor Kucheryavy. Curly the arrest occurred on the border Kalanchak, on the border of the Republic of Crimea with Kherson oblast of Ukraine, during the passage of passport control Curly.

Curly detained and handed him over to the SBU, members of the so-called “civic formation” (in fact, illegal armed group) “Asker”, funded by the runaway Ukraine’s former Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Lenur Islyamova. In the “Asker” are mostly Crimean Tatar nationalists and Islamists.
“Igor Curly came to Ukraine to get Ukrainian passport. Known for having actively supported the occupation of Crimea and is a member of the party “United Russia”. During the annexation of the Peninsula, he organized the so-called “self-defense groups” and “posts” in Sevastopol. Russian Ministry of defense awarded him the medal “For returning Crimea”, — reported, citing representatives of the “Asker”, the Ukrainian edition “Business capital”.Curly was taken into custody, to be tried in Kherson. The situation with Curly commented in his Facebook Lenur islyamov:

“He was asked the question: “Why do you have a passport of Ukraine? You’re a member, you’re good it should be.” Curly response was this: “Was the matter of it. That give in the Crimea, anywhere outside Russia will not go, and to ride I want to”.

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