Recently received a fifth course credit. Lord, forgive my sinful soul, but I can’t tell you how they session pass…

На днях принимал у пятого курса зачёт. Господи, прости мою душу грешную, но я не могу не рассказать, как они сессию сдают…

Here came a girl again. This is her last time. Then — deduction. Sits. Don’t even know how its called. “Girl-night”? “Girl autumn”? No, not that. This is different. Something like “Girl-dannemora after intense b…”… Or “permanent hangover”. Of course, please excuse me. But the girl is clearly bad. And all at once.

Then she says…
— Hey, Professor and collapses on a chair.Sits. In full gear. Neckline to the navel. Top skirt-mini, where in our times, remember, it was over. Where, so to speak, content is a mystery.
After the long, dreamy legs, stretching into the distance, as two of the highway. Left the highway on the right. Eyes neraspavsheysya DOE. The spirit just faded lilac, infused alcohol.
— That — say — not enough sleep?
— No, not slept — meets DOE adresowe a little, but still melodic baritone.
— Taught, I suppose, all night?— Yeah, um-Taught, smiles. Something seen, remembered pleasant. Of what you have learned.
She, after some words characteristic podnikanie. “I, uh…”
“Fuck you, m…”, etc. plumbers.
— Well, once taught. What you have here in the ticket?
Looks in the ticket, as in pregnancy test result:
Stendahl, m… Life and work.
Stendahl. He was still a Frenchman. And you in the French group learning. French three years teaching. The accent in French is always on the last syllable.
— I’m aware of.
Is good. “In the course”. Read?
— The same. What are you “aware”…
— Stendhal?
— Stendhal.
You kind of said it yourself: the emphasis in the course on the last syllable, ‘ replied the girl. I’m a little, frankly, too:
— Well, well now, “in Paris” to say?
DOE shakes his naked shoulders. Shakes the autobahn in the heel. Proudly shifts right the highway to the left. Say: to me personally on the drum. That is to say, monopenisualno.
Well, reading?
— Read, m…
— What are you reading… “m”?
Much thought and with a note of uncertainty:
— Stendhal.
— And what then?

Silent. Poterebit piercing in the left groin:— I Forgot. All straight out of the head, damn, busted. I am very worried.
— And you do not worry and do not swear, please. Roman’s got such a… Well, remember, remember… “Red…” and … And…
With hope:
And white?!
— No, not white. And not a port of tequila. This novel, the girl, not about the booze. It is a little about another.
Unexpected hate:
— Ugh, damn it! And about what? write… write… And I give up. I’m sorry… About what it can be, m?..
— I want to ask you about that novel. And what about pancakes and “ugh” are you… easy.
Soure. It’s my lack of sleep.
“Yeah — I think — and re…BU in huge portions”.
Sighs DOE. Looking out the window.
— Well, I remember, about what “Red and black”?
About love, eh?.. (With a slight grain of salt).

With fervor:
— Here you see! I read. Just go forgotten. I’m worried. Remember he wants her there like that, and it’s, um… in short it is not… something something.
— Well you are rehearsed a novel. Juicy. He was “her type like that, and he’s not it.”
— And fuck, all real! – suddenly blurted out the girl. – As in life! And then divorced… glamour on three stations… Sori! Because I’m tired.
“Okay,” I say. – Once you are so tired that went to the Mat… Let’s say you do something from the literature you read?
Not necessarily French, not necessarily Stendhal. Actually, maybe you have any favorite authors, books… Can be Japanese, Mongolian… So I get credit at least for the third time to deliver. And so you are not expelled. Well, anything you know? Three with five outs.
DOE became agitated.
— I love that one… “she”
— “Sha”?
Yeah. Love to direct. How it the hell?..
— Schiller?
— No. (With irritation).
— Shakespeare?
— No, Shakespeare is about the Negro-killer…
— About the Negro-killer? Shakespeare? Hmm…

Well… He was still his Masha decided to do. Name it something long, like
— Ah! I mean – “Othello”… Desde…
Well… And the other long. On “she”. And “Krugger” is similar.
— “Sha” and “Krugger” like… Hmm… what is He, a German, an Englishman?..
— X… Sorry. I don’t remember… Oh! Remember m… Schopenhauer!
Respective writes… No worse than Murakami. Schopenhauer I respect.
— And what do you like Schopenhauer?
— Yes, I do not remember. Remember that I love him. And for that love I don’t remember.
— It is. And quite often. That is almost always. Well, he actually wrote something? Plays, poems, novels?
After a long reverie:
Is it something like the waltzes he wrote.
— Waltzes? You can it with the Chopin confused? Although Chopin waltzes, too, about not… Oh Well…
— Damn you, b…!.. Well today I am so unlucky! Like the bun quiche, m…
— Girl, you got me today ten times materili. Are you without a mate can’t?
Can. Only I have breaks. From lack of sleep. And so I was prepared. Books different reading… real reading, honestly… don’t believe?
I sighed. Took a record book. Flipped through. Once again sighed. And put off. Say: “Next.”
“Thank you,” he says. – Thank you very much, m…
— What e…
And left. Behind the door I hear:
— Well as?!..
— Ladder, m…
Collective girlish squeal of joy. Then a loud baritone:
— He said, “Speak, bitch, about Stendhal”. Well, I told him and began to straighten the clown… Sput-Pyr… X…e-mye, lamb testicles… And he told me: “You do something you know, like, sprat macrozamia?..”
A collective “Gee-Gee-Gee!”
I say, read… And how! Not bad hubabuba, m… Just don’t remember a damn thing. From lack of sleep. He’s smiling like a faggot on the vaseline… the type: we know your lack of sleep, pencil sharpeners, crustaceans…”Gee-Gee-Gee!..”
Hell, says, with you. Live hog. Go, says, of here and don’t matter. And the offset set. Now you do not deduct. If, m… do not put – all kirdyk hamster… Okay, I’ll go mug mashing. Tired as Talib felling trees… but you go And Svetok. Don’t be afraid. Today he is kind. He’s a hundred pounds credit put.
And I set. Although “Svetok” and said that the great works of ancient literature called “the Word about Igor stick”. Well, broke the subconscious… At all happens. From lack of sleep. I put her off. Where to go. I’m good. Lord, forgive my sinful soul!

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