Recipe for homemade wine made from jam!

from old jam, you can cook a very tasty wine.

Рецепт домашнього вина, виготовленого з варення!

Every year the summer season most Housewives takes place in the preparation of jams. Sometimes it is stored in the cellars for several years. And when the place for the next new batch of cans ends, the question arises — what to do with the old product. It can to sugar, but will not lose their taste. To eat this jam is not desirable, and dispose of it. It is understandable — spent a lot of effort and money before it was cooked. Actually, the throw does not need anything — from old jam, you can cook very tasty wine, reports Rus.Media.

To throw away nothing need: cooking wine out of a jam

In General, from the jam, you can prepare a lot of alcoholic beverages. But the most common is wine. He has a pleasant, sweet but at the same time, tart flavor. Amount of alcohol is always good in moderation and here this measure is observed. Depending on what berries made jam, it will be different taste and aroma.

For making fruit wines, we need a liter of jam, 3 quarts of water (it should be boiled, but not hot) and 110 grams of raisins. But first you need to prepare the dishes. Categorically you can’t take metal utensils, as it will lead to chemical reaction and oxidation process. In the result, nothing good happens.

The ideal option is ceramic or glass dishes. To get rid of bacteria and other harmful creatures, it is necessary to treat the surface of the tank with soda, then rinse it with boiling water. Of course, we should not forget about security measures.

You can then proceed directly to the process of making wine. To do this, take a pot of water and put on fire. While it will boil, the jam may be placed in the previously prepared dishes. There must have put the raisins, which you need to pre-rinse. Once the water boils, it will need to cool.

It is not necessary to pour boiling water, since it is no good will not result. Cooled boiled water should be poured in the jam and mix well. Afterwards, take a nylon cover, to close her jar and put in a warm place. If it is summer, you can leave the jar on your kitchen. In winter, the perfect place is the area near the battery. Importantly, this Bank has not climbed the children, otherwise the fault will be forgotten.

After 10 days, you need to open the jar and filter the mix. For this you will need gauze, folded in several layers and clean dishes. Because all the garbage (called the pulp) has floats at the top, you can select it with a spoon. Further, it should be poured through cheesecloth and the resulting liquid, cake to throw away.

Next comes a long waiting period. But before you do that, the filtered liquid poured into a prepared glass dish. This mass is called wort. In fact, because of it, the end result is homemade wine.

The average duration of fermentation is about 40 days. After the wort is handled in the jar on her throat, wear rubber gloves. To see that fermentation has stopped, just when the glove nuts and rise up, and after some time again will go down — it just is a sign that fermentation is over.

Actually, this wine making process is completed. Next is to pour it into glass bottles (this is the perfect utensil) and close them with plugs (better wooden). The average strength of this wine is around 10 degrees. Before serving, it is desirable to cool, it will become more pleasant taste.

Finally I would like to give some additional tips. If cooking wine is taken too sweet jam, it is recommended to add a little sour, otherwise instead of wine get fermented compote. The most delicious wine is obtained from apples, plums and apricot. And in any case, do not pour the wine in plastic bottles — will spoil not only plastic, but the drink itself.

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