Recognition trump: we reserve oil

Признание Трампа: мы оставляем нефть себе

Not long ago, President Donald trump made a statement that shed light on the true causes of U.S. intervention in conflicts in the middle East. As it turned out, the United States pursued quite pragmatic goals, without interfering in the internal Affairs of middle Eastern countries. Not terrorists as the main motive of sending troops to the region, and the obvious oil.

Признание Трампа: мы оставляем нефть себе

It should be noted that not always the subject of invasion in the sovereign Affairs of other countries was the enrichment at the expense of plundering others natural resources. In some cases, the United States was sufficient to establish a high enough price for the supply of raw materials to achieve its geopolitical interests.

Specialist of the national energy security Fund Igor Yushkov told why the middle East has always attracted US as the oil trough.

For example, it is worth remembering 2001, rather of 11 September of that year, when after the fall of the twin towers, the United States, under the guise of the war with al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), went first to Afghanistan and then to Iraq. As noted Yushkov, there are several versions of the motives of the United States. One of them – they just wanted to weld on Iraqi oil and supplying it. But there is another theory. Through it, the United States decided to block in Iraq’s oil industry, thus artificially raise the price of oil on the world market, which in turn would limit the amount of oil supply to China. It is noteworthy that in those years the high price of oil would have a much is fatal on the economy in China than in the us.

The overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is also the handiwork of the United States. Though officially, the initiative belonged to the head of France of that time Nicolas Sarkozy, however, if you try, you can remember that America joined in the later stages of the Libyan conflict. As the expert noted, it is possible that the reason for U.S. involvement in the war was the superpower status that is not allowed just to stand on the sidelines. Is it possible that America needed to remove from the world market of oil and gas of Libya.

It is worth noting that the Libyans are quite regularly supplied oil to the Asian market at very competitive prices, and with the same Whales and all was already planned to calculate in national currency. In the US, then shale has been brewing crisis in mind expensive development of fields. That is to pay off the extraction of resources needed to raise the price on the world market. And that the conflict in Libya have spurred an increase in prices.

Now in Syria trump has decided not to hide true intentions on oil. Yushkov believes, America is behaving no better than looters. Capturing the Syrian oil fields, leading the development and appropriating them to itself, the United States is no better than the Nazis. Went to the territory of another state and the export of foreign oil. Such behavior – a Frank robbery.

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