Record corruption: the arrested FSB Colonel found values of 12 billion rubles

Рекорд коррупции: у арестованных полковников ФСБ нашли ценности на 12 млрд рублей

During searches at arrested the colonels of management “To” service of economic safety of FSB of Cherkalin Kirill and Dmitry Frolov and his subordinate Andrey Vasilyev discovered cash and jewelry worth over 12 billion rubles. Thus, they broke the “record” disgraced Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Dmitry Zakharchenko cost of illegal assets, according to “Kommersant”.

First Zakharchenko held a “corrupt leadership” – in the course of the investigation he was found to have assets worth 9 billion. The investigation suggests that in addition to the already found FSB officers could hold about 12 billion rubles for accounts belonging to them figureheads and companies.

According to preliminary data, the source of shadow revenues came from the sale of proprietary information received from subordinate office of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank. In addition, the colonels could make huge amounts in bribes.

Reports say that officers of the FSB, as Zakharchenko, was hiding money and valuables in several apartments that were used as storage facilities. There they found notes of various currency, luxury watches, jewelry and securities. While not all values were taken and described.

Recall that the chief military investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia accuses of Cherkalin in receiving bribes in the amount of 850 thousand dollars. Frolova, Vasilyeva TFR accused of fraud in especially large sizes.

It is assumed that Cherkalin in the period from 2013 to 2015, received the money for the patronage of a certain Nazarov. And Frolov and Vasiliev by pressure has forced the Moscow developer Sergei Padalkin to give them a share in the authorized capital of the company Yurpromkonsalting in the amount of 490 million rubles.

Currently investigators are examining the accounts of persons and companies that can be associated with the accused.