Record rise in price of bitcoin: what will happen to cryptocurrency



The world’s most popular cryptocurrency — bitcoin – just a week has risen by a third. For the first time since July 2018 and its cost has exceeded 8 thousand dollars per unit.

The reason for the price increase of bitcoin experts believe the development of blockchain technology. In addition, the interest in crypto-currencies could spur a “trade war” the USA and China.

Currently, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is 211,405 billion dollars. The bitcoin account for about 59% of the market.

About what will happen to bitcoin next, “MIR 24” said the Director of ANO “Digital platform” Arseniy Weltzin.

Weltzin: it Should be noted that, since the fall in the beginning of 2018, in the world of cryptocurrency has witnessed many positive and “medium positive” events. Among them we can mention the increase of the degree of implementation of blockchain-technologies in real sector of economy. Currently even those people who before did not believe in the prospects of such technologies, proven wrong. In addition, we just released an updated model of the “issuing” bitcoins.

Weltzin: Certainly, it is one of the drivers of growth of the cryptocurrency, since it is a new form of investment that has proven its safety.