Record the distance in the Premier League: how many points was played for Shakhtar and Dynamo?

Рекордные отрывы в УПЛ: сколько очков отыгрывали Шахтер и Динамо?

If the miners win, the gap increased to 13 points and intrigue, if not dying, then falls into a state of clinical death. Such breaks in the history of the championship of Ukraine have not been played by anybody and never. If you win, the Dynamo – the gap is reduced to 7 points. This gap is a record that was able to play during the season. And they did it and “Dynamo” and “Shakhtar”.

In 2002/03 “Shakhtar” confidently was in the lead after 17 rounds. The miners had in assets 44 points, having lost during the race, only 7 points, two draws (against Arsenal and Kryvbas) and lost away match against Volyn. Dynamo for the same period of the championship were able to score only 36 points. Kiev 4 matches ended in a draw and suffered two defeats from the teams of Donetsk “Shakhtar” and “metallurg”. It seemed that Valeriy Yaremchenko’s team the title will not miss. But beginning in the 18th round of the situation began to change. In it, the miners unexpectedly lost to Chornomorets and Dynamo beat Mariupol and reduced the gap to 4 points. Then in the 23 round, Shakhtar were unlucky in the match against Vorskla – 0:0 draw. “Dinamo” beat Kryvbas and approached to a distance of 2 points. And then began the swing. Already in the next round Kiev again rolled back the defeat against Volyn and parallel to FC Shakhtar’s victory over Kryvbas increased the gap in the title race to 5 points. He lasted 9 days – Volyn tripped and the miners, having extracted his only to this day away victory over the Donetsk team. Dynamo misfire of the competitor has used and beat “Karpaty”. And 26 round for the team waited for the head to match. It decided the fate of the championship. Kiev won at home by 2-1 and ahead of Shakhtar by one point. Dynamo more did not lose points, and Shakhtar until the end of the season played a draw with the “brand” and set the final margin of 3 points. And remember who was the coach of “Dynamo” in the season? Yes, Alexei Mikhailichenko. And it is unlikely he will refuse the opportunity to repeat his championship comeback.

Shakhtar their 7-point gap played in even more impressive manner. In 2009/10 miners did not ask the first half of the season. The Donetsk team 4 draws (including absolute outsider Zakarpattya) in the 14th round and suffered a major defeat in Kiev from Dynamo – 0:3. The people of Kiev to a personal meeting with the Donetsk team lost only 4 points, having recorded two draws and a victory over Shakhtar set the gap to 7 points. But after a personal game teams showed very different results. Shakhtar never lost a single match for the championship. That defeat away from the “Dynamo” became the only one in the Premier League. But the people of Kiev began to storm. Already in the next round after defeating their archrivals Dynamo stumbled in Zaporozhye – a draw with “Metalurg” 0:0. This was followed by another two draws – against FC Illichivets Mariupol and FC Metalurh Donetsk – and a sensational defeat from last in the standings, “Transcarpathia”. Because of the defeat Uzhgorod Dynamo for the first time in the season lost the lead in the standings, but managed to get it back at the end of 24 round – the miners played a dry drawn game with “Dnipro” and “Dynamo” in General the equality points out in the first place because of the additional indicators. All full-time anticipated match of the giants in the penultimate round, because it was supposed to decide the fate of gold medals, but “Dynamo” has stumbled again, losing in Lviv “Carpathians”, and virtually handed the championship to Shakhtar. In a personal meeting, the miners proved that a comeback was not accidental, and beat the Dynamo in the “Donbass-Arena” 1:0, early issued his fifth title, the Ukrainian Champions ahead of Dynamo by 6 points.

As you can see, history shows that even an impressive gap in the championship to win back. And for that Dynamo need to take the first step this Sunday, which Shakhtar will try by all means to avoid. We know of the champion of Ukraine in November or we are waiting for a desperate pursuit of the Stalker for a leader? We will get the answer of 10 November RSC “Metalist”.

Recall that the match “Shakhtar” – “Dinamo” will be held on Sunday 10 November at the RSC “Metalist” in Kharkov. The game will start at 17.00.

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