Record the number of dead from the COVID-19 in Florida

Record du nombre de morts de la COVID-19 en Floride

Florida has experienced its worst day of the pandemic COVID-19, relating to Thursday, 156 death, a statement which confirms that the great sunny State has become the epicenter of the current epidemic in the United States.

The deaths follow an exponential increase in contamination was observed at the beginning of the month of June, due to the delay between infection, hospitalization and death. The department of Health of Florida states that 156 people have died in recent days or weeks, but the deaths have only been confirmed these last 24 hours.

The previous record for the number of dead had been established on Tuesday.

14 000 new cases were also reported on Thursday, almost a record. The number of hospitalizations has increased from approximately 500 patients in 24 hours.

The Florida is the american State that detects the addition of new cases each day, ahead of California and Texas, whose balance sheets daily average 10 000 cases. More than 315 000 people of Florida have been contaminated to this day.

The governor, Ron DeSantis, has almost closed the bars at the end of June (prohibition of alcohol sales), but has not ordered new containment and, unlike its counterparts in Texas and California, he refuses to order the wearing of the mask in confined spaces.

It is in Florida that the president and Donald Trump will be invested, in August, by the republican party for the presidential election on 3 November.

The governor has also asked the schools of Florida to re-open fully in August, even in the outbreaks in the more active, a decision which oppose many officials in the local education.

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