Recruiters simulate the NHL draft

Les recruteurs simulent le repêchage de la LNH

And if the New York Rangers will save Alexis Lafrenière? A young team on the rise, already at the gates of the series thanks to an accelerated reconstruction, would see another gifted join Artemi Panarin, Mika Zibanejad, Kaapo Kakko, Igor Shesterkin and company.

It would have created a monster.

The chances of this happening are very slim (2%), but this is what happened during the simulation of the lottery made by the site The order was then submitted to several recruiters, who, under the condition of anonymity, and are loaned to the game in capturing the players in places 1 to 15. We then combined the results by trying to respect the more possible the various opinions.

In this simulation, the Ottawa Senators may have not won the jackpot, but they have been generally successful in inheriting second and third choice of auction amateur. A situation that is very enviable when we know what are capable Quinton Byfield, Tim Stuetzle and Jamie Drysdale…

The Montreal canadiens speaks at the ninth level, having dropped a rank. Several options were possible, three different names have been mentioned by the recruiters, but it is ultimately a marker, natural, well known to Trevor Timmins has been retained.

1. New York Rangers : Alexis Lafrenière

At one time, there was a semblance of a debate between him and Byfield. This last stacking up the points to a train of hell. It was one of the youngest players of the wine and Lafrenière, one of the oldest. But at the end of the season, there was more ambiguity. The first announcement of the last chance there will not be any suspense.

“According to me, it is the undisputed number 1”, said one recruiter.

“There was quite a consensus, finds another evaluator of talent. It is super combative. There are a lot of character in his game and his potential offensive is incredible.”

Hover over the list of assets that might be found in an attacker; Lafrenière has them all in his tool box. Pair his individual skills incredible a propensity for the game to be robust and a lot of character. There you have a future captain in the national hockey League (NHL).

Small anecdote : when the was probed with the recruiters to develop a top 10 hopes quebecers of the vintage, the author of these lines was thought good, before they realized immediately his mistake – asking each of them to rank players in different categories : skating, shooting, etc

A recruiter was quick to point out, with reason, the futility of such an exercise : “Bah, it’s Lafrenière everywhere…”

2. Ottawa senators : Quinton Byfield

Imagine a game manufacturer who, in addition to being very imposing, spinning at breakneck speed.

“It is a horse, illustrated by a recruiter. Its first quality is its next athletic, his physical strength. This is perhaps the best skater of the draft. He has excellent hands. It is certain that he played at Sudbury, but the only thing I would say is that I would like to see play as a team more often. I don’t think that he is incapable of doing so, but, sometimes, he was playing a little too much individually.”

Byfield appears behind Stuetzle in some of the lists found on the web, but the recruiters surveyed by the laying out a balance sheet very appreciative of the rare combination of skills that has that big center player. The majority of them classified in the second rank.

“It is rare that you find players center franchise with this template and this “drive,” says another recruiter. He has beautiful skills of the smuggler, he uses really well his companions of trio. This season, he played with a winger who has scored thirty goals [Blake Murray]. He just needed to have the stick flush with the ice and pucks were coming near the net. Byfield is the center player’s number one typical that you have for 10-15 years in your organization.”

3. Ottawa senators : Tim Stuetzle

In several years, could we speak of him as the best player of this draft? A recruiter does not find the idea if far-fetched.

In the first classification of Sportsnet in the month of October, Stuetzle was at the 11th rank. But what a season it has known, producing nearly a point per game against adults in Germany, in addition to making a strong impression at the world junior Championship. Stuetzle is a player extremely quick and explosive who wants to have the puck on the blade of his stick.

“His big quality is his “upside”, he never ceases to improve, ” explained a scout. It is an attacking, ultra attacking, ultra smooth. You take the example of Moritz Seider in Detroit, who has been drafted into the LED and that is quickly familiar with the north american game. I think there’s less fear related to having to pick a German as early.”

4. Detroit Red Wings : Jamie Drysdale

Next to the term “defender ” modern” in a Larousse illustrated, you would see without a doubt its camera.

NHL teams don’t want defenders offensive… they tear them. But in addition to being extremely mobile, Drysdale can boast to be one of the players with the most intelligent of its vintage.

The rear of his age will cut almost never a post with Team Canada junior, but Drysdale did it and it is beautifully released.

“When he has the puck, he makes excellent decisions, as output of territory in the offensive zone, has been observed in the other scout. IQ hockey is very high. His defensive game is excellent for someone who is considered an offensive player. His agility and his footwork allows him to defend well,” notes one recruiter.

In short, do not believe that this rear is a two of spades in his territory.

“It really is a “two-way”, said one of the experts polled. He does everything on the ice. This is not a Ryan Ellis who picked up 100 points in junior. Physically, he is strong. It is hard. He plays hard in the corners. His legs are powerful. It quickly out of the corners. It will play for a long time among the professionals. The type of defender who will play 25 minutes per game within your first pair.”

5. Los Angeles Kings : Cole Perfetti

The kind of player who doesn’t make you regret having paid the entrance ticket. Perfetti eyeful on the ice.

“This is not the skater the more electrifying, but if it was a little bit more explosive, he would come out third in total,” says a recruiter. His mechanical skating is good, so this is not so disturbing, because he has time to improve. With the puck, he is really creative. He sees things, he makes games that even the viewer has not seen.”

6. Ducks of Anaheim : Lucas Raymond

Did you know that at 16 years old, this young man was playing games in the SHL, the top league in Sweden. Very dynamic, Raymond is one of the security handlers of the puck the most gifted of its vintage, and it puts a lot of energy on the ice.

“In the past year, it was in an age group below the other in the world Championship of under 18 years of age and it has been extraordinary,” said another recruiter. It was all over. It was the engine of his club. This is a player who, according to me, has a lot of potential. It can change the course of a match. I saw him be the hero and score the big goal. You want to have on the ice. It can make the difference.”

7. New Jersey Devils : Marco Rossi

If you are of the opinion that the statistics don’t lie, you wonder why the name of Rossi is not appeared earlier, because he was even more productive than Lafrenière this season.

Rossi is not the player with the most impressive, but make no mistake : it remains a athlete surprisingly powerful.

The experts surveyed were not concerned by its size.

“This is a player who is really competitive. He wants to produce, he wants to be the best. It is not large, but this is not serious. He uses his size to his advantage. It has a center of gravity that is low and, physically, he is very strong. It is hard to counter. It is heavy, it is difficult to obtain the puck. It is solid! He produced at an incredible rate. It is really impressive with the puck. It is creative. And this is a young man who has an excellent work ethic. This is a guy who is going to produce points, it is guaranteed.”

“His sense of the game of hockey is special, is a third recruiter. It can be creative. When he approached the net, he has very good hands to score. This is a guy which get rid almost never have the puck, he always finds a way to make a game.”

8. Sabres of Buffalo : Alexander Holtz

There is Raymond, the smuggler, and Holtz, the goalscorer.

Scoring goals is what is most natural for him and, at his age, he has managed to register nearly a dozen in 33 games in what is probably the fourth league in the world after the NHL, the american League and the KHL. All of this playing less than an average of 13 minutes per meeting.

“Sweden won the tournament with two players : Raymond and Holtz, told a recruiter. We wondered all the time which of the two was the best. Holtz may be a marker, more natural and more immersive. He is particularly fond of shooting on the receipt in numerical advantage. You should not forget a second. It is described less as a game manufacturer that Raymond, but it can be devastating. This is a player that you can use in different situations in the game and at key moments. You can count on him, he’ll take care of the puck.”

Holtz will be a reproach to lack of vision of the game, or being too one-dimensional in comparison with Raymond, but such criticisms seem a bit harsh – one scout called him even a “good passer”. It is true that the stroke of the base of the right-handed is to improve, but it is not bad so far; we are not talking about a major flaw here.

9. Montreal canadiens : Jack Quinn

Only two players have scored 50 or more goals in the canadian League as a whole this season : the hope of the Toronto Maple Leafs Nick Robertson and Jack Quinn.

This is a player with which the head of the draft fan of the Habs Trevor Timmins, is very familiar. In fact, Timmins knows since he was young. Quinn lives right down his street.

In this draft, the CH does not need to be filled, so this factor should not be taken into account. It should simply choose the player with the most talent, regardless of position. However, we probably would have received an avalanche of abusive message if we had dared to choose here the goalkeeper Yaroslav Askarov…

If the name of Quinn, you seem less sexy, and that it has generated a craze less important than the other players expected to be selected in the top 15, his value has continued to climb as the season progresses. Quinn has not always been perceived as one of the best forwards of this draft, but perceptions are changing.

“This guy has exploded this year, said a recruiter very enthusiastic in his place. His whole game has improved. He drew the puck, he was everywhere on the ice. Then, in your projection, you say to yourself that it will improve. It passes through another level each year. He has never played hockey minor bantam AAA Ottawa, he was not big enough, not enough fluid. Its potential is incredible. This is a gunslinger, but he does not just shoot. He produces, he is always on the puck, he can carry the disc. It is a beautiful hockey player, really.”

10. Blackhawks Chicago : Yaroslav Askarov

It was a lease than a hope at this position had attracted so much attention. Askarov has good chances to become the first goalie selected in the top 10 of the draft since Carey Price in 2005.

It would be logical that the Blackhawks are asking for it, Corey Crawford is becoming older and older.

“This is a keeper with a great template that has ability out of the ordinary, has described a recruiter. It has a really good mobility in his half-circle. Very athletic, able to move well in the net. It is not the kind of robotics, it plays more like Andrei Vasilevskiy of Tampa Bay. His athletic abilities make him a hope of a high level.”

In the beginning of the season, the buzz around the place Askarov was even stronger than it is now. Amazing Hlinka-Gretzky and the tournament of 20 years and least of the four nations in Finland, the Russian appeared to be in the top 5 of several lists.

“he came out of the lot,” said one recruiter. During these two tournaments, it was the best keeper I’ve seen at that age. He is calm, he has the confidence. It limits its returns, and it absorbs the puck. He is athletic, agile, structured. […] He has good control of the puck behind his net. It has the potential to be a keeper of the concession.”

11. New Jersey Devils : Jake Sanderson

There is a lot of intrigue around its selection range. Sanderson is an advocate for intelligent, mobile, efficient in its territory, that moves well in the washer. There is no doubt about it. However, it is trickier to measure its potential offensive.

“He has improved a lot this year, explained a recruiter. In the second half of the season, it was one of the best players in the program under 18 years of age in the United States. Good skater, he can play physical. He has the skills offensive, which may be under-estimated in the beginning of the season. It can bring different things. It is not as dynamic as Drysdale, but it is good in both directions of the arena. I think he will do well in the NHL.”

Jake is the son of Geoff Sanderson, a former striker who played 1104 games in the NHL, scoring including 89 points with the Hartford Whalers in 1992-1993.

12. Wild Minnesota : Anton Lundell

Each draft account of the players who are not necessarily the profile that is most attractive in terms of skills, offensive pure, but whose probabilities of playing in the NHL are quite high.

At first glance, it seems to be the case of Lundell, an attacker is very smart, always in good position on the rink, having the gift to make the proper play with the puck in the offensive zone. Last year, he was already playing in the Liiga, the best track in Finland. In all logic, it should not linger before making his debut in the NHL.

“In recent years, he has worked a lot on his defensive game, has revealed a talent scout. He is smart with the puck, he knows where the place to create scoring chances. However, it doesn’t have the best hands and he is not the player with more creative when he has the puck and that he leaves on the counter-attack. It will be hard to beat players one-on-one, but as soon as he is in the offensive zone, he knows where to send the puck and where to be positioned. It’s got a shot quite dangerous, but not as much as that of Patrik Wool, for example. The coaches of the national League will enjoy the fact that he is very responsible defensively.”

13. Winnipeg Jets : Braden Schneider

Increasingly, the tendency is for defenders offensive in the first round, but Schneider is a rare unicorn in this draft. The big guy calls for a style that one associates more with the old-school, but he remains an excellent skater, able to perform a good first pass and support the attack following the game.

Without the washer, it neutralizes the opposing strikers with his footwork, his powerful failed and his intelligence.

“A big defender very, very mobile. Very, very good in his own zone, but he still has skills offensive that I had not suspected in him. His mobility certainly makes him someone to consider in the top 10,” said a recruiter.

A few people have compared Schneider to the back of the Boston Bruins Brandon Carlo, an observation that holds.

14. Panthers of Florida : Kaiden Guhle

It was said of Schneider that it belongs to a category of defenders are becoming more and more rare. And yet, another defender of its risk profile to be drafted in the first round.

“It is a hope that I loved this year, because he practice a game robust, said a recruiter. You have to really keep your head high when you play against him. It is imposing, but it is also very, very good with the puck in transition. It is in full progression.”

15. Blue Jackets of Columbus : Dawson Mercer

An attacker who, in addition to possessing very good hands, has a presence in all three zones.

“This is probably one of the players the more intelligent of the repechage in both the direction of the ice rink, said a recruiter. It is always well placed. He works hard to get back in his box. When he has the puck, he has enough talent to make games and keep it a little longer. This is a guy who plays in the centre, but has also been seen on the wing. It is very versatile. The kind of player that coaches love.”

Honorable Mentions

Hendrix Lapierre

The quebec striker certainly has the talent to be chosen in the top 15, but his multiple injuries are a risk that some teams might be scared to take, especially early in the draft.

Already, it is reassuring to know that he would not have suffered concussions this year, but that he would have rather made up with cervical problems.

“He has known all a tournament Hlinka-Gretzky last summer. It is a exceptional player. It really has everything to be a star. His potential is not in doubt. But before putting my fist on the table, I would expect the medical results of my own team, those of our doctors,” said a recruiter.

Dylan Holloway

The team-mate of Cole Caufield has not had a bad first season in the NCAA. He had amazed the recruiters by scoring 88 points in 53 games last year in the League of British Columbia, and perhaps this is why we expected a greater production offensive on his part.

“It’s still a very good hockey player. Physically, he is very, very strong. He plays the right way. Happen offensively in the NHL, or will he rather a third player trio used in numerical?”, asked a recruiter.

Seth Jarvis

With such statistics, offensive, difficult to ignore this small attacker.

“He has excellent skating, a beautiful vision and good hands. It can both finish the games that prepare them. It should not too much rely on his size, he is able to stand out in the traffic,” said an evaluator.

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