Red Quantum: worthy of the classics

Difficult to revolutionize a genre as strong as that of the movies of zombies. However, the aboriginal filmmaker Jeff Barnaby manages a rare feat by bringing in – literally – a huge dose of new blood with its Red Quantum.

A mysterious virus is spreading terror in a mi’kmaq community, forcing the closure of its borders. Of course, the outline of his synopsis are not without reminding us of the reality of the last few weeks.

Yes, it forces the moviegoer to watch Red Quantum (or Blood Quantum in its original version) in one eye different. Yes, it adds to the feeling anxious about this new offering from the aboriginal filmmaker Jeff Barnaby. But this is not necessarily where lies the strength of the film.

Because, in addition to this strange feeling of deja-vu, Red Quantum is a good film. A good zombie movie, a good horror film, certainly, but especially a good movie. Point. All this, all thanks to his scenes scary especially them into jubilant that the force and relevance of his social commentary.

In short, we can easily understand its success in festivals (including the prestigious Festival international du film de Toronto) last year, before the outbreak of this pandemic.

Respect for the genre

Obviously, Jeff Barnaby has done its homework to give the first blow of the crank in this project. By his own admission, the filmmaker has always loved horror films, especially those featuring zombies, citing titles such as Night of the Living Dead among his greatest influences.

And it seems to be. The love – and respect – that bears the filmmaker to this kind sweating large drops, as the influences are glaring in the filmography of the master in the field, George A. Romero.

Red Quantum m not reinventing the genre. But he contributes greatly with a movie worthy of the classic contemporaries of the makings of a Hungry Robin Aubert or even 28 days later Danny Boyle.

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Red Quantum

  • A film by Jeff Barnaby
  • With Michael Greyeyes, She-Máijá Tailfeathers and Devery Jacobs
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