Red Sox: a decision prior to the start of the season

Red Sox: une décision avant le début de la saison

The commissioner of major league baseball, Rob Manfred, said Wednesday that its investigation of alleged signal theft committed by the Boston Red Sox in 2018 is over and he will announce his decision before the start of the regular season.

Champion of the world Series this year, the training of Massachusetts has found itself in trouble following allegations of the site the Athletic. This last has to be mentioned, that the Sox had decoded signals of their rivals during the season of their title inside a video room. Initially, Manfred wanted to make his verdict before the start of training camps, but the new elements added to the record in February forced him to extend the analysis.

In the case of penalties, the club concerned may pay a fine and lose the draft picks.

“We have finished with the investigation, said Manfred to the network ESPN. There has been a delay on the writing of the report, because honestly, I didn’t have time for this. I had other problems to deal with. However, we will be posting a message about Boston before it starts to play again.”

In addition to the Sox, the Houston Astros have found themselves in a turmoil similar. The organization of texas has been taken in default for the theft of signals that occurred during their home games in 2017, the year of his conquest of the great honors. Its general manager Jeff Lunhow and his or her manager A. J. Hinch in particular have been sentenced each to a one-year suspension to then be fired by the Astros.