Red zones: worried Estrie restaurant owners

Red zones: worried Estrie restaurant owners

While Montreal and Quebec are turning red, restaurant owners in the Eastern Townships are worried about their future.

This is the case of Dominic Lapointe, owner of the Daniel Lapointe brewery, on Principale Street, in Granby.

Indeed, many customers have called to cancel their group reservation.

Conversely, more and more Montrealers are calling to reserve a table, said Mr. Lapointe. Even though they are mostly tourists planning a getaway to the region, he cannot help but fear the spread of the virus in the region.

Sherbrooke restaurateurs share the same concerns, even if they consider their dining room to be just as safe, if not more so, than the homes where gatherings are held.

Restaurant owners may keep a customer register, but they find it difficult to see how they could deny access to their business to people who come from another region.

For now, the owners are not afraid of a new containment, but they are aware that their reception capacity could be reduced if the region changes the alert level from yellow to orange.


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