Rediscover Star Trek

Redécouvrir Star Trek

I am an amateur of science-fiction. Novels, films, COMIC books and great series. I have however taken many years before to enjoy Star Trek. Well, yes !

I still enjoy watching and re-watching 2001, thespace Odyssey, close Encounters of the third kind, The Fly, Contact, Interstellar, Mulder and Scully of X-Files, the brilliant series Watchmen and Westworld and arrival (Arrival) Denis Villleneuve.

And I can’t wait to see what he will do with the classic Dune by Frank Herbert, I’ve just ordered again.

In a distant time when I dreamed of becoming an astronaut, I’ve never been hung up on the adventures on the frontiers of the infinite of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.

I had trouble with the sets-in-cardboard-dough and often too philosophical. It must be said that I had a dozen years ago, when I stumbled upon reruns of the original series in the mid 70’s.

A virus on board

A few years ago, after an interview with the actor Walter Koenig, who portrayed the officer in charge of navigation Pavel Chekov, I decided to give a second chance to this series worship. I bought the DVD box set of the first season.

A season that we can see with the two that followed, on the on-demand service chain Cinépop. Eighty episodes have been broadcast in their original version, between September 1966 and June 1969.

My perspective started to change. Yes, it is still very old fashioned in the look, the creatures threatening smile, but the starship USS Enterprise, seen from the outside, has the mouth, just as the teleportation system that has always fascinated me.

Fifty years after its creation, the original series deals with themes that are surprisingly relevant today. It speaks of conflict, of power, of peace, of differences, and the environment.


In the episode The Crew of madness (The Naked Time), the fourth of the first season, lieutenant Joey Tormolen brings a virus aboard the USS Enterprise.

In expedition on the planet Psi 2000, to investigate the death of the men of this scientific basis, he takes off his glove, touches the nose, and carry a virus toxic substance which will contaminate the crew of the Enterprise.

Dr. McCoy, fortunately, will find a quick cure to this virus that removes any inhibition. Sulu will make a hilarious demonstration, when he shall appear, bare-chested and sword in hand, defying the members of the crew.

And it is in this episode that Spock uses, for the first time, his famous pinch of the finger to the shoulder to neutralize an opponent. I had a childhood friend who liked to use this tactic during our summers of youth on the island of Orleans.

Cinépop has allowed me to see the pilot episode that the people’s network NBC did not like at all, to the point of ordering a new one. Amusing detail, it was captain Christopher Pike, and not James T. Kirk, who was in command of the Enterprise.

No, I am not yet become a ” trekkie “, even if I failed, a few years ago, to buy me a uniform of the famous crew for a Halloween party. However, I am on the right track. I am going to get there. Energy !

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