Reduction of the prices of packages wireless: advances in Quebec

Réduction du prix des forfaits sans fil: des avancées au Québec

OTTAWA – The province of Quebec is the country where the package wireless 2 Gb and 4 Gb are the least expensive in the country, has advised the federal government on Tuesday.

Ottawa has published its first quarterly report on the price of the data plans from 2 Gb to 6 Gb, which covers the period from February to June 2020. According to this document, it is in Quebec that the packages of 2 Gb and 4 Gb are the least expensive.

Thus, according to the federal, it had to pay$ 35 for the package data base in Quebec over the period, which is less than the reference point of January (50$). The price is even lower than the purpose intended by Ottawa (37,25$). In comparison, in Ontario, the price is$50.

For the package of 4 Gb, the customers in Quebec spend over 45$ on the period and not 55$, as in January, but has still not reached the objective of$ 41.25. In Ontario, the price of the package is$55.

In a statement, Ottawa said continue to monitor the reduction in the three major telecom companies, namely Bell, Rogers and Telus. These wireless service providers, and their related marks account for 90% of the national market, a-t-on recalled.

Unlike those of other provinces, the Québec consumers can rely on the presence of a fourth player well-established in the market: Videotron.

25% reduction

Ottawa has indicated that he wants to discounts in the packages 4G/LTE-type “bring your device”, with calls and unlimited texts, as well as 2 Gb to 6 Gb of data.

The federal government reaffirmed on Tuesday its willingness to see the prices of packages wireless down 25% in the next two years among large wireless service providers across the country, and what regulatory measures would then be taken.

“If such plans are not offered to Canadians during this period, the government will examine the possibility of taking regulatory measures to increase competition further and thereby contribute to a reduction in the price of packages,” recalled the federal.

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