Referendum: Putin thanked the Russians, the West edge of the irregularities

Référendum: Poutine remercie les Russes, l’Occident pointe des irrégularités

Russian president Vladimir Putin thanked on Thursday his compatriots have validated largely on a reform that enables them to remain in power until 2036, an election criticized by the West and called “lies” by the opposition.

In a speech on television, he sent a “big thank you” to the Russians for their ” support and (their) trust.” He assured that the reform will give a ” domestic stability and time to build up the country and all its institutions “.

Earlier the Kremlin was hailed a ” triumph “. According to the final results released on Thursday by the electoral Commission, the voting for the approval of a block constitutional revisions ended with a victory of the ” yes ” to 77,92%.

One of the amendments gives Vladimir Putin the option to make another two terms at the end of the current in 2024. It will thus have the possibility to stay in the Kremlin until 2036, the year of its 84 years.

The revision also introduces into the Constitution of the conservative principles dear to the president – faith in God, marriage restricted to heterosexuals, patriotic teaching, as well as the social guarantees, such as the indexation of pensions.

Mr Putin also enter in the basic law, the principle of the supremacy of the Constitution over international law.


All measures intended to ensure the sovereignty and the Russian traditions. To his detractors, he is to register his political principles in the basic law in order to perpetuate his system.

The spokesperson for the Kremlin, Dmitri Peskov, welcomed a “referendum a triumph of confidence in president Putin “and a” level of participation and support extremely high “.

If there has never been any doubt as to its outcome – the reform that has been approved by the legislature in the beginning of the year and the new text of the Constitution, already on sale in bookstores – critics of the Kremlin, has denounced a vote marred by fraud.

The power has multiplied the ruses, according to many observers, to ensure a resounding success and voter turnout strong, with, for example, a lottery with gifts for the participants, purchase or voting, in the middle of the street where the surveillance of ballot boxes was anecdotal.

The opponent Alexei Navalny has called the vote ” a huge lie “, calling on its supporters to mobilize for the next regional elections in September.

Denouncing it an attack “unprecedented” in the sovereignty of the Russian people, the NGO Golos, specialized in the observation of elections, has received more than 2,100 reports on possible violations, including cases of civil servants forced to go to the polls.

Washington “concerned”

In the Face of these accusations, the spokesperson for the u.s. State department, Morgan Ortagus, expressed concern, referring to information on the ” coercion of voters, pressures on the opponents to the amendments and restrictions imposed on the independent observers of the vote “.

For his part, Peter Stano, the spokesperson of the head of the diplomacy of the european Union, has urged Moscow to investigate the irregularities reported.

Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi, close to the Russian president, has “warmly congratulated” on Thursday, Vladimir Putin.

The president of the central electoral Commission, Ella Pamfilova, has for its part held that ” there is no doubt that the vote is valid and legitimate “, according to the Russian agency Ria Novosti.

The vote, originally planned for April, had been postponed because of the pandemic of COVID-19. To avoid too strong crowding in the polling stations, it went on for a week, until Wednesday.

The autonomous district of Nénétsie in the Arctic is the only region of Russia where the ” no ” prevailed, with 55,25% of the vote, according to the official tally. This territory isolated and sparsely inhabited, known for its reindeer herders, could be attached soon to the Arkhangelsk region, which has sparked an opposition movement local.

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