Refusal of the Lightning: Cedric Paquette explains

Refus du Lightning: Cédric Paquette explique

The Tampa Bay Lightning is one of the two formations to have voted against the stimulus package of the national hockey League (NHL).

The players felt that to obtain a pass in the qualifying round would be unfavourable for them.

In an interview with the show Dave Morissette en direct TVA Sports on Tuesday, the attacker Cedric Paquette indicated that his teammates and him required more details of the high level of the league.

“The first four teams of each association have a pass. They said that we would have matches against the other three teams, but they did not tell us how this would be structured.

“For we (the concern) was whether this will be competitive and if we will need to activate against a team who comes to play a three of five. We never knew and we wanted more details.”

After an interruption of the current season, fans finally rejoice with the plan of the relaunch of the NHL. Represented by the president Donald Fehr, the players will want to be cautious about the possibility that operations will resume.

Paquette described the recent progress as “a step forward”, but he wants to wait for the feasibility of the project before packing more.

“It’s not that we don’t want to play. We train for three months to get in shape. But there are a lot of obstacles. Some of them are in Europe. Others are in Canada and they will have to return to the United States. Should they be put in quarantine or not?

“How much time do we spend in a city, ( … ), or locked in a room? These are all things that we don’t know yet and that we should set before you start the season.”

For this series, the players of the Lightning want to redeem their elimination early in the first round of the playoffs, last year, when they were swept by the Blue Jackets of Columbus.

“We are really motivated. We want to find the ice even if you need the rent!”

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