“Regardless of the opponent, every defeat hurts”

Photo: Graham Hughes The canadian Press
Christian Fisher scored the winning goal in the middle of the third period, Thursday night, to allow the Coyotes to the Arizona to win their first win of the season in regulation time.

A dozen hours later, the defeat of 5-4 to the Montreal canadiens in the hands of the Coyotes of Arizona was always as bad in the locker room of the Bell sports Complex. But for Claude Julien, the visit of the great rivals, on Saturday night, wants to be a great opportunity to show of what wood to heat up his players.


For the second time this season, the Toronto Maple Leafs will be visiting the Bell Centre, who will be seeking a sixth win in a row.


During this time, the Canadian will finish his stay of six games in front of his supporters with a record superior to ,500, a goal he will realize if he beats the Leafs in regulation time.


“It doesn’t matter against who we play, it’s important to bounce the right way, has qualified Julien. As I said yesterday [Thursday], we played a good first period. Then, it deteriorated and it was really done wrong with our performance.


“What there is of injury in hockey, it is that we play 82 games and we don’t have much time to make any corrections, such as football, where you have a week to do it. We have an opportunity to bounce back and in a way, this is not a bad thing. Tomorrow, it’s still a game quite important, as we all know. “


However, the task could prove to be even more difficult for the Habs if Max Pacioretty, Jonathan Drouin and Jordie Benn are not recovered from a virus that seems to run in the locker room of the team, and forced them to be absent from the training session on Friday.


As there is nothing more to do, and that it is impossible to change the past, to forget the defeat Thursday was the watchword in the Canadian. However, note Jeff Petry, players must also keep in mind, up to a certain point, at least, the bad memories that she has left.


“We were all very disappointed, and regardless of the opponent, every defeat hurts. You think of some things the next day, but as the day progresses, it is necessary to forget. We need only recall the feeling that we felt after the game, because we don’t want it to come back. “

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