Regina todorenko and Vlad Topalov spend their holidays together

Регина Тодоренко и Влад Топалов вместе проводят отпуск

The first rumors that Regina Todorenko and meet Vlad Topalov appeared in the end of February this year. Then the network got the pictures of the stars relaxing on the lake, and a few months later, the paparazzi managed to photograph Regina and Vlad while kissing. And although the celebrity affair denied it, fans are convinced that Topalov and Todorenko — pair. Another confirmation is the new picture that Regina has published in his Instagram an hour ago.

In the pictures the singer gently embracing Vlad. Judging by the photos, now performers together in London. It is noteworthy that the UK capital of Regina celebrated its 28th birthday, which took place on 14 June. Apparently, the main guest at the celebration of the birthday girl was Vlad Topalov.

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