Regina todorenko has announced the release of a new clip

Famous Ukrainian singer and ex-presenter of the project “heads and tails” has released a new video for the song “Friday”.

Регіна Тодоренко оголосила про вихід нового кліпу

Regina todorenko posted on the page in Іnstagram, unusual announcement, reports Rus.Media.

In the photo, which she added to record – footage video. Ex-leading Regina posing in one-piece swimsuit and a pink coat. The star added image more playfulness thanks to the black tights into the net.

According to the singer, the song is catchy. Now Regina todorenko finalizing the song and announces the release of the clip a month later.

“I have news for you. Very soon (within a month) you’ll dance to my new song “Friday”. And watch the clip which I mounted so long that no forces,” said Regina.

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