Regina todorenko shared the intimate details of life with Vlad Topalov

Регина Тодоренко поделилась подробностями интимной жизни с Владом Топаловым

Regina also managed to give several interviews, including on the morning show “Lux FM”. Todorenko surprised Frank confessions and intimate details of life with Vlad Topalov. Todorenko said that her husband danced a Striptease, doing a selfie completely naked and like to sleep naked. Regina doesn’t see anything wrong with that, to star in an erotic scene in the film. Yes, and its shape allows. After birth, the presenter quickly got rid of extra pounds. Three months after the birth of her son she showed the figure in a swimsuit, starring for well-known brand, write “Facts”.

“Photoshop. I’m kidding. In fact, there is very little, only to slightly “pull” the skin after childbirth, because she was a little flabby. But in General I have long nursed and fed still ate what I ate, Michael — everything steamed, boiled, is very easy. For three months I came to form, although recovered for the period of pregnancy at 18 lbs. Now I weigh 57 kg, but we still have a few pounds to lose,” — said Todorenko.

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