Regina todorenko was interested in reading books about parenting

Регина Тодоренко увлеклась чтением книг о воспитании детей

The media write that the star of “the eagle and tails” admitted that the nanny chooses very carefully, checking them on a polygraph. For Regina it is important that the candidate babysitter was pedagogical and psychological education. And yet, Regina todorenko tries not to abuse the services of professionals and she gladly takes care of the heir.

Регина Тодоренко увлеклась чтением книг о воспитании детей


“Over the past 9 months , I realized that motherhood is about me. I like to study a little human, I consume literature about education as quickly as a whale shark plankton. I miss no opportunity to delve into his childhood and childhood” — she said on his page on Instagram.

The presenter has time to read books about parenting.

“Books taught me a lot and make our life easier. I don’t know how effective will be the result, but in any case I will try to make our family life rich and joyful,” she says.

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