Régis Lévesque celebrates its 85th anniversary

Régis Lévesque célèbre son 85e anniversaire

The former boxing promoter Régis Lévesque celebrated its 85e birthday with a group of friends. Among the former boxers, there was Robert Cléroux, two-time canadian champion heavyweight, who defeated George Chuvalo for the title. He has won the victory against the fearsome Cleveland Williams, who, over a period of five years, had suffered only one defeat, against Mohamed Ali. Unfortunately, one of the regrets of Robert is without a doubt when its owner has refused a fight against muhammad Ali.

The former world champion heavyweight WBC, gold medalist at the Games of the Francophonie and the Commonwealth, Jean Pascal, is in the company of Régis Lévesque, a member of the hall of fame boxing international.

The former boxer Antonin Décarie, Eye of the Tiger Management, is in the company of one of the biggest proponents of boxing, Régis Lévesque.

Régis Lévesque is surrounded by his son Daniel, who has enjoyed a successful career in boxing, Robert Cléroux and his daughter, Annie Lévesque. Dany Émond, one of the ardent friends of Regis, was unable to attend the feast, because he was being held at work.

Here are four men who have never feared to defend the athletes. Régis Lévesque is surrounded by the coach international boxing Russ Anber, Yvon Lambert and Gilles Proulx.

It was almost impossible to take a picture without Régis Lévesque stops talking. In the photo, Gary is surrounded by Jean-Marc Emond, George Cherry and his grandson, Éloyk Lévesque.

For his last fight as a promoter Régis Lévesque would like to join Yvon Michel, who accompanied him on the photo, and Camille Estephan in their present battle against the public Health.

Governed is surrounded by his barber, Ménick, Dr Jean-Marc Brunet, Marie-Josée Longchamps, and Michel Beaudry, a master to imitate Governed.

Regis is a big fan of Elvis Presley and country music. Governed is here surrounded by the country singer Irving Blais, Alcide Rescued, Sam Anastasopoulos, the host and owner of the Beaubien Deli, and Scott Davis, great Elvis impersonator.

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