Registration of the child in Ukraine: the main rules, the nuances and the necessary documents

We will tell you about the change of rules of registration of children in 2019.

Прописка дитини в Україні: головні правила, нюанси та необхідні документи

Ministry of justice approved the registration of newborn children immediately online that can be done in the hospital, not viviva the queue at the registry office. In addition, very soon will be fully in force service “E-baby”, where parents will be able to see the entire list of services – registration toddler, check-in, to do all of this quickly and online. However, with the changing rules is the understanding of the situation, so tell all the nuances, rules, and penalties for the residence of the child, informs Rus.Media.

First of all, it is worth noting that not only changed the rules of registration of the newborn, but also of residence in General. In addition, the Parliament approved the passport of the child in 14 years that a lot of things change.

All the nuances of registration of children in Ukraine:

  • child under 10 years of age must be registered only at the place of residence of one or both parents. It is necessary the consent of both parents, but the consent of the owner of the property not needed for this.
  • a child aged 10 to 14 years can now be prescribed not only at the place of residence or registration of the parents, but in a different place. However, it requires the consent of both parents and the landlord.
  • at age 14, the children receive a passport. Now the child will be able to decide for himself whether he wants to register in this living space, or select another of the opportunity of registration. But in all cases, the consent of the owner of the property.

In addition, it is also possible the residence of the child with one parent, then his consent is not required.

Registration of a newborn baby

Here everything is much harder and stricter. A newborn baby is possible through online services to register and then to register, but only at the place of registration of one of parents or both.

The maximum period of registration and registration for newborn to three months. After this period, the boy’s parents face a fine. For the convenience of parents, the Ministry of justice launches a service “e-baby” – possibility of registration and registration kid online, without queues and campaigns for lawyers, notaries and employees of the registry office.

Fines and penalties, which are threatening to the parents in case of delay:

The maximum period for registration and registration of the newborn to three months. If the parents from the due date of these procedures, they face first a warning, then a fine of 1 to 3 minimum income, tax-free.

Also in Kiev there is a limitation for such children a place in kindergarten – a child without a residence permit may lose a place in a preschool.

What documents are needed to register a child:

  • the completed application form, which you will receive with the relevant authorities;
  • the receipt confirming payment of state duty;
  • birth certificate of the child;
  • the parents ‘ passports and marriage certificate;
  • if one parent cannot be present at the time of registration of the newborn, you must get written permission certified by a notary.

How to write a child up to 14 years of age what documents are needed for this:

First of all, it is worth noting that children up to 14 years do not get to write just one parent. If the parents are registered at different addresses, for discharge and consent from parents.

Documents for the discharge of the baby:

  • statement;
  • birth certificate;
  • receipt for payment of fees.

By the way, in the Parliament thinking about to simplify the procedure of residence of a citizen of Ukraine, making this procedure declarative.