Regular consumption of this product will help in the fight against excess weight

Регулярное употребление этого продукта поможет в борьбе с лишним весом

Regular consumption of ginger can not only improve health, but also to help in the fight against obesity. In particular, the most efficient will be the mixing of this product with plain water.

Spicy food, as demonstrated by scientific work, helps to fight overweight. for Example, one study showed that those who ate their main meals with Chile, reduced cravings for salty, fatty and sweet foods. Spicy drinks are also used for weight loss. The work carried out by Columbia University in new York, shows that there is an obvious weight loss at work with ginger. According to scientists, the volunteers who drank ginger tea, quickly filled, and therefore consume less. The reason is that Chile and ginger contain active ingredients capsaicin and Imperial able in the use of cause fever. The human body responds by increasing blood flow and perspiration to curb the alleged overheating and to cool. This activates the metabolism, consumes additional calories, thereby burning more fat.But ginger helps in weight loss is not only warm, but also cold beverages. To make ginger water, first you need to clean the tuber and cut it into thin slices that are placed in one liter of water. Experts recommend organic option because it is less contaminated with chemicals. Then water should be boiled about 20 minutes, and after cooling. You can “revive” drink with a little lemon juice or honey. Usually it is recommended to drink one to two glasses of ginger water in the morning to curb your appetite.

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