Relations without marriage: the pros and cons

Отношения без брака: плюсы и минусы

Relations without marriage: the pros and cons
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Picture: Katerina MARTINOVIC

Ladies and gentlemen have different ideas about sharing happiness.

With couples more or less clear: we live together – so it suits them. Or pretend to.

But with the “temporarily employed” (those who are Dating, but in marriage do not belong) is more complicated. Ask men: how do you do? He will answer: Yes, all great. I’ll ask the same of her, she only sighs. And then a bunch of claims will roll out. And sometimes, the opposite: she is in seventh heaven, he is in doubt. Why?

So the scientists decided to investigate.

More than five thousand men and women of different ages took part in the study, which was recently commissioned by the American Dating service Match. Helen Fisher and Justin Garcia – known researchers from the Kinsey Institute for the study of sex and reproduction at Indiana University (USA) – to find out the preferences of “loners”.

The question is this: what you need to and he, and she was happy with the relationship.

What is good…

And then, of course, now some will say, Yes, everything is so clear! Good sex good relationship.

And that’s not so. Or rather, not quite. Here are the five parameters of the mutual happiness that were identified in the course of the study.

1 and 2. First and second place was shared by caring men and women about each other and “the enthusiasm in the relationship” (83%). Under the enthusiasm, apparently, you need to understand the interest of the partners to the joys and sorrows of each other, willingness to compromise and just Shine in the eyes when communicating.

3. The third place people put ability to many interesting conversations (78%). And this, incidentally, is not as easy as it seems. At first, people still somehow try and then… All the beautiful stories of the previous lives told all common friends of reworked bones, it turns out that to even talk about. And it is necessary. But here it is necessary to know the measure (see below).

4. In fourth place came the kissing (76%). Somehow, it is believed that the ability to kiss is only important early in a relationship. Apparently not. In a good kiss – much of the above: and care about each other, and the same enthusiasm. So kiss, gentlemen, do not lose skills.

5. And only on the fifth place (75%) good sex.

…and what is bad

Is there “bad sex”? The fact of the matter is that it happens. It was revealed in the course of the same study. There are men and women opinions coincided only by the first two parameters.

1. Both sexes do not encourage long conversations prior to intimate process. Their abundance spoils the sex 75% of men and, surprisingly, as much as 88 percent of women. Although they seem to ascribe to the traditional question “And talk?” Conclusion: “the ability to interesting conversations” (see paragraph 2 of the previous charts) is important mostly beyond the boudoir.

2. Strong and weak floor I would like more passion in a relationship. Women also respond to the lack of stronger men. “Dispassionate” sex unhappy 65% of the stronger sex, and as much as 81% – weak.

3. 56% of men disappointing lack of mobility partners. So, girls, moving, do not hesitate, the Cavaliers love it. In women, the third sign of bad sex – bad kisses. They ruin the lives of 74 percent.

4. 52% of gentlemen think of sex is bad, if they failed to see their partners. And this, as we know, usually happens when the light is off, a sentiment usually women – whether just shy, or hiding something. There’s no need to hide anything, let them stare.

Women at the 4th place in the black list (69%) – low mobility gentlemen in bed (the one which men 3rd place).

5. And last men, it turns out, likes the women from time to time repeat: “I love you” – 51% gentlemen complain, never heard a confession like that. This can be considered a real discovery, because it is accepted to believe that just women love with their ears, and men on the sentiment to not care. And look how it all turned out.

In women in the 5th position in the list of signs of a bad sex – no foreplay. That’s strange, too, because it was always assumed that this phase is more important for women nothing. But do not relax: in the first five, he still came in.

And how to live with it?

Along the way it turned out: not all bad sex was the reason to leave. End the relationship only slightly more than half are dissatisfied after one or two failed attempts. The rest – anything, suffer somehow, demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm, kiss, turn off light and console themselves with the folk wisdom such as “endure – slyubitsya”. And rightly so.

And the surprising result obtained by scientists is the age at which, according to respondents, sex brings the greatest pleasure. Women are called 66 years, males 64 years.

And this, of course, is encouraging: many of us the most pleasant is still ahead.

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