Relatives consumed by fear

Des proches rongés par la peur

Families say they died from anxiety to force to be kept in ignorance about the state of their loved one in a seniors ‘ residence in Montreal, where 75 % of the residents are infected by the coronavirus.

“I want to talk to me and tell me how to take care of my aunt. At this moment, I have the impression that we just wait for it to have the COVID-19 and she died, ” says Lorraine Clairoux, the voice broken by emotion.

April 22, the ministry of Health and social Services 95 positive cases to the Floralies LaSalle, nearly 75 % of the residence.

The balance sheet is still weighed down yesterday in Quebec with 651 cases and 106 deaths for a total of 1446.

Mrs. Clairoux says that person from the Residence Floralies LaSalle has contacted since April 9, to give him news of the lady 90 years of age.

She claims to have written emails, left phone messages, contacted a local community service centre (CLSC), and an integrated center for academic health and social services (CIUSSS), without success.

“I do not know to what saint I give “, let it fall.

She talks to her aunt on the phone twice a day, but it would require that a manager or a nurse informs. Because the eldest is in loss of independence and can sometimes be confusing, ” said Mrs. Clairoux. And what she tells him at the end of the line was none too reassuring.

The night in its droppings

It would be only washed the washcloth, would not have any more hot meals and receverait more help to go to the bathroom, passing the nights in panties soiled. And she would notice errors in their medication.

“I think it’s inhumane, breath the woman of Mont-Tremblant. But nobody speaks to us, I don’t know if it fabule. ”

She knows, however, that the staff is overwhelmed. She does not want to blame anybody, but she only asks to have the information on the state of health of her aunt.

She would be spared by the virus, but its neighbour in the chamber would be infected.

The older adult without a child has lost her husband early in April. He lived on a different floor of the same residence.

It is one of his nieces who had the permission to tell him the sad news in person. But since then, nothing more on the part of the residence, she said.

Yesterday, the president of the accommodation Benedict Lellouche ensured that this situation was “quite abnormal” and promised a quick follow-up with the family.

But Mrs. Clairoux is not the only one sick with worry. The relatives of Albert Remarais jumped over a fence yesterday to get to the window of his room on the ground floor.

“We have cried all we had to cry,” says his son, Jean-Robert Remarais, after nearly three hours talking and playing music to his father, who has no telephone in his room.

Difficult Situation

The man of 91 years was— had to leave the hospital at the end of February to get to this residence. Mr. Remarais said that his father, who has not been tested for the COVID-19, but barely breathing.

He, too, had to multiply their efforts to stay informed. This is only Friday evening that a doctor has called to tell him that his father ” was screaming in pain “. He was, therefore, of the morphine and urged him to come to see him the next day.

In connivance with the staff, whom he thanked, the window and the curtains are left open, to allow him to have this possible last moment with his family.

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