Relax time: how to prepare a relaxing bath

If you make a relaxing bath with essential oils – give up the means to foam.

Relax time: як приготувати розслаблюючу ванну

Medicated bath is a great way to prevent many problems. In order to make such spa treatments, you need to know some nuances and cautions. Such procedures you can do yourself at home or take a course in health centers. For baths you need to know the proportions of all components and maintain the desired temperature. In order to determine the type of bath refer to a specialist, who will pick up a certain kind of procedure. We will tell you how to make a relaxing option for your skin, informs Rus.Media.

Tips for use of baths

Before you take a bath of any kind is necessary to clean the skin with a light scrubbing means. This will help all useful components to better interact with the body. Control the temperature of the air in the room. It should be comfortable. Pick up the ingredients for the preparation of the bath depending on the desired effect.

If you make a relaxing bath with essential oils – discard means for foam (gel, soap, special foams).

Relaxing bath with herbs

The easiest recipe for a relaxing bath. You will need chamomile (can be purchased at the pharmacy). Take two tablespoons and pour boiling water. Let it brew and then pour in the water.

Milk bath

An interesting option that will help to moisturize the skin at any time of the year. To prepare milk bath will need one litre of milk. Should liquid is mixed with warm water and add a little sea salt.

Bath with essential oils

Essential oils contain many valuable components that saturate and nourish the skin. Use them to prepare a relaxing bath. Select type:

  • Geranium, rose, Muscat (enhance sensuality, relax the muscles).
  • Verbena, rosemary, ginger ( bring the body in tone).
  • Citrus (orange, grapefruit, tangerine) – add vivacity and good mood, tone, affect cellulite.
  • Mint, juniper (calm).

In order to prepare a relaxing bath with essential oils, you need to use a database, since this component is not soluble in water. One of the options: take the base and add 4 drops of lavender and 2 drops of chamomile oil. Use no more than 5-9 drops and always check the components on individual sensitivity.

Relax time: як приготувати розслаблюючу ванну


Hot streams of water affect the human body. So a relaxing bath can be taken no more than 10-30 minutes (depends on temperature). It is necessary to abandon this procedure if you have problems with the heart, gynaecological or oncological diseases, and other chronic diseases.

Combine care. While taking a bath – make your favorite facial mask.