Released an exclusive version of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with incredible feature

Earlier this month, which is literally 3 – 4 weeks ago on sale in China did sports bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3, which has received numerous differences from the 2016 model year, that is Mi Band 2.

Выпущена эксклюзивная версия Xiaomi Mi Band 3 с невероятной особенностью

Novelty can boast of a full protection from water according to the IP68 standard, improved sensors and transducers, redesigned, increased in size with a screen that supports touch control, and a host of other features, many of which are implemented programmatically.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 3 in the versions with straps in three colors – black, red and blue. However, as it became known today, on 26 June 2018, and the manufacturer had released an exclusive version of the fitness tracker, which has an incredible feature – transparent strap.

Now there is no one “smart” sports bracelet, which could boast of such a “chip”. Novelty has a prefix in the title Explorer Edition (EE).Выпущена эксклюзивная версия Xiaomi Mi Band 3 с невероятной особенностьюIt is noted that the first owner of an exclusive version of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 became a resident of China, who won it in the competition from the manufacturer. According to sources, the novelty will soon go on sale, and buy transparent strap separately will not work.

It will be sold only together with yourself a fitness bracelet that is wishing to obtain a wristband will need to purchase a new tracker or buy it from other people, if they want to sell it.Выпущена эксклюзивная версия Xiaomi Mi Band 3 с невероятной особенностьюWhile it is unknown is something the Explorer Edition from the conventional one, because no data on this subject yet.

If all goes according to plan, the official sale unique version of the fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 will begin in the next few weeks.

It is important to understand that any exclusive product this tracker in a version with such an interesting feature will be released and launched a limited edition so it’s easy to buy it, most likely, will not succeed.

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