Reliable partners Belarusian technologies are being introduced in hospitals of Kazakhstan

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Dmitry Belitsky



Belarus and Kazakhstan began to produce high-precision technology. First of all, talking about the new medical equipment – scanners, x-rays, mammography, reports the correspondent of “MIR 24” Olga Baranova.

Soon, a scanner manufactured in Belarus will work in hospitals. Appliances interested in the country and abroad, including in Kazakhstan. Left to set up the system and can be exported.

“Due to the fact that the device is cheaper than its foreign analogues, it allows to put it in a rather small clinic. Remove load from large hospitals and supply in each regional center,” says engineer Michael Butyl.

A Belarusian mammography has already established itself in Russia and Moldova. Equipment used to detect breast cancer. Unlike analogues the device scans the patient with minimum radiation exposure.

“With the collimator leaves are very thin beam, which falls on the sensitive area of the detector. Small in size. Other systems use a flat panel. And therefore the irradiation is performed on the entire area. Captured even unnecessary portions, and the dose and get more” – says a leading engineer Eugene Mikulich.

X-ray tech enterprise developing, producing and servicing. This reduces its cost in comparison with foreign analogues. The company is working on devices of the inspection system scanners people and Luggage.

“We supply the class of equipment that allows you to protect the places where people are. Now we supply the equipment for the European games to be held in June in Minsk,” – said General Director of the enterprise Vladimir Linev.

More than 80% products are exported to Europe, Asia and the USA. Mastering new markets. Recently the company entered the market with x-ray machines that control the quality of food and industrial products.

Belarusian inspection devices are used in various airports around the world, such as London Heathrow.