Relic of John Paul II stolen from church

Relic of John Paul II stolen from church

A relic, a vial containing a few drops of the blood of former Polish Pope John Paul II, was stolen from a church in Spoleto, Umbria, central Italy, the Vatican news site said Thursday. .

The relic of Saint John Paul II, canonized in April 2014, barely nine years after his death, was stolen on Wednesday evening, Vatican News said . The police have opened an investigation.

“I dare to hope that this is a superficial gesture which was not made with the intention of offending the sensitivity of the faithful. I also dare to hope that this reckless gesture was not made to earn money ”, declared Mgr Renato Boccardo, Archbishop of Spoleto, quoted by Vatican News.

The ampoule containing the blood of John Paul II was offered in September 2016 by Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, then Archbishop of Krakow, who was for decades the private secretary of the Polish Pope.

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