RENAULT named the most popular cars in Ukraine

RENAULT названы самыми популярными служебными автомобилями в Украине

The greatest demand among legal entities of Ukraine used cars of the brand RENAULT, which was sold for 9 months 4457 PCs reported by the Association of automobile manufacturers “Ukrautoprom”.

On the second place TOYOTA with a score of 2968 PCs Closes the top three SKODA – 2533 EA.

In just nine months since the beginning of the year in Ukraine legal entities have been acquired and delivered to the account of 20.3 thousand cars, of which 19 thousand and 1.3 thousand imported second-hand.

Choosing imported car, most Ukrainian companies have opted for cars of the VOLKSWAGEN brand, acquiring since the beginning of the year 173 cars of this brand.

Followed by NISSAN (129 units) and MERCEDES-BENZ (113 PCs).

Recall that since the beginning of the year in Ukraine were registered 383,3 thousand cars, of which 61,7 thousand new and 321,6 thousand – imported from abroad used cars.

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