Renée Claude swept away by the COVID-19

Renée Claude emportée par la COVID-19

Singer Renée Claude died Tuesday morning, carried away by the COVID-19, at the age of 80 years, has confirmed his long time friend Monique Giroux to the QMI Agency.

As it is sung in the 70’s, Renée Claude has finally found peace.

The voice of the immortal It is the beginning of a new time was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for several years. Since 2017, the interpreter resided in a residence for elderly non-self-governing, and his health had declined markedly since last fall. She was no longer talking and no longer acknowledged her spouse, Robert Langevin, which will be supported until the end.



A singer born

Eldest of a family of six children, three girls and three boys, Renée Bélanger, his real name, has integrated very early in the middle of the song.

Since his mother sang all the time, while his father played the saxophone, Renee is inevitably interested to music very young. At the time, it starts with piano lessons, singing and drama. She decides, despite her shyness, to enter the competition for amateur discoveries of Billy Munroe, at the radio station CKVL, interpreting a song by Gilbert Bécaud. She won the first prize, which opens the door for small cabarets, where she happens therefore regularly.

It occupies a parallel position as secretary in one school board, but she hates this work. She then tries her luck at the auditions of Radio-Canada with a song of Brassens, which caused him to be committed to the television.

At the turn of the 1960s, she made her debut at the show In Mercy, hosted by Clémence Desrochers, and met Jean-Pierre Ferland, who offers him the Sheet of gui. She will defend this song in a competition in Brussels, Belgium, from where she will return with the first prize, and save it in the wake of his first 45 laps.

Years of success

While a regular participant in singing contests international, Renée Claude develops close links with authors and composers from quebec, who wrote to him new songs.

It owes its first success to Michel Conte, with the Shippagan. We also see more and more on stage in various cabarets in the province. In 1967, she was selected to ensure the first part of the provincial tour of Jacques Brel. The following year, she is even invited to the Johnny Carson Tonight Show, NBC.

It truly is from 1969, Renée Claude conquers definitively the heart of the public, thanks to its collaboration with Stéphane Venne. He wrote in particular around the earth, The beginning of a new time, You will find the peace and The rue de la Montagne, among others.


In the early 1970s, she met a young lyricist, Luc Plamondon, and works with the musicians of the Ville Émard Blues Band. Together, they will produce two albums lights in the career of the singer, I come back to my breath and This evening I make love with you. This last title had been shunned by his then agent, who found the lyrics too risqué. Renée Claude has finally had the audacity to do it, and this song has remained in the popular imagination.

The arrival of the 1980s marked a change of direction and Renée Claude. She decided to pay tribute to his idols in the amount of shows like Me, it is Mercy that I like the best, in 1980. In the following years, through different rounds of singing, it celebrates the work of his idols, still, including Léo Ferré and George Brassens, and also offers a show, in a duo with Claude Léveillée, entitled Partners in crime.

The year 2006 marks his latest return-on-disc with the release of’Between the earth and the sun, Renee Claude sings Luc Plamondon, a sort of compendium of all the songs that he has written to his favorite author, accompanied by a single novelty, Ballad for my old days.

Actress to her hours

In 1990, Renée Claude participates in the creation of the opera Nelliganby Michel Tremblay and André Gagnon, under the direction of André Brassard. She embodies Robertine Barry, a friend of the young poet.

The following year, it is found in the theatre, and then in the series With a big a, of Janette Bertrand, in an episode which talks about women sexually harassed by their employers. She then played in another play by Michel Tremblay, always under the direction of Brassard, Marcel pursued by dogs. Renée Claude has also played in the cinema, under the direction of Denise Filiatrault, ‘à ton tour Laura Cadieux , and a few years later, she has made her last appearance on the big screen in the film of Jean-Claude Lord, Station North, released in 2002.

The great love

If it is a huge success on the stage, the private life of Renée Claude is rather chaotic. According to his confidences, her first husband was an alcoholic, and the second, womanizer. His love life looks like a failure, until his meeting with Robert Langevin. She was then 47 years old and discovered the great love. It will even say in an interview that all she has not had with others, she has had it with him.

An end-of-career discrete

Then had fibromyalgia for several years, Renée Claude confided, in early 2010, she was starting to have blackouts. However, according to her partner of thirty years, Robert Langevin, it is only in 2013 that she was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

If the singer was able to live calmly with his evil alongside his lover for a few years, she had to decide to go and live in a residence for people of non-autonomous, in 2017, because of the advance of the disease.


The 15 last November took place a concert-tribute to Renée Claude at Maison symphonique de Montréal. With 74 musicians, 10 singers, including Catherine Major, Isabelle Boulay, Marie-Élaine Thibert, Marie-Denise Pelletier, Annie Villeneuve, Ariane Moffatt and Luce Dufault, have sung the words of various authors-composers formerly written for Renée Claude and interpreted by it. The event instigated by the facilitator Monique Giroux, had raised 157 414 $ to Fund research on Alzheimer’s disease.



A few months earlier, in march of 2019, several voices in Quebec came together to take back the song You will find peace, Stéphane Venne performed by Renée Claude in 1971. The proceeds of the sale of the song were donated to the Fondation du CHUM.


Many celebrities have paid tribute to Renée Claude




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