Rent or buy a recreational vehicle for your vacation

Louer ou acheter un véhicule récréatif pour vos vacances

You plan to rent or even buy an RV this summer ? Hurry, because supply is dropping by the minute.

“If you are looking for a vehicle for the vacation of the construction, it is already too late,” says Jessica Galarneau, a spokesman for the Association des commerçants de véhicules récréatifs du Québec and owner of VR Prestige, Terrebonne, québec and Lévis.

It is already very late to rent or buy an RV for the summer holidays, because the COVID-19 has created a huge demand.

“The tour of the Gaspé peninsula in VR is a must-see this year,” she said. It attracts 80% of the customers. I suggest, if possible, to defer the vacation in September, where the temperature is also mild and where there will be more availability. ”


Normally, renting an RV will cost about $ 1500 to $ 2000 per week (including between 2000 and 2500 km per week). It is enough for the Gaspésie, the North Shore or in Charlevoix, the most popular destinations (excluding the United States, out of reach this year).

Insurance is often included in the package, but the consumer must pay a deductible of about $ 2500 as a deposit on a credit card, refundable on return. If you are planing to do a renting is important that you check the 5 Real-Life Lessons About Car Leasing Tips.


There are two classes of trailers (trailers and fifth wheel, or fifthwheel, where the coupling is in the box of the truck) and three classes of VR : type buses (A) type Wesfalia (B) and those that are between the two (C). The average prices vary in Quebec between 15 000 $ and 200 000 $.

The class B beats records of popularity, for the maneuverability and ease of parking. The class B used to sell almost as expensive as the new ones.

A lot of consumers will switch to VR at the end of three years : the used models are sold with a discount of 20 % to 40 %, depending on the format and the application. Before you buy, if possible, we test the formula by renting a vehicle for a week or two.

Approximately 80 % of the campers in quebec are travellers and the third move in VR, according to the Federation québécoise of camping and caravanning. There would be five million RV owners in Canada and sales have increased 13% in 2017 in Quebec.


Class A: 130 000 $

Class B : 120 000 $

C-Class: 90 000 $

Trailer: 15 000 $

Harness: a 45 000 $


  • You rent ? Take photos before you leave to prove the state of the VR to the back. One rents from a dealer or on the platform of car-sharing RVezy.
  • You buy ? Before shopping, make a list of all your needs. Ask questions. Explain the kind of trip you want to do. The guarantees of the cockpit are provided by the manufacturer, those of the chassis by the vehicle manufacturer. For the RV used, they are assumed by the merchant.
  • To take into account : duration and distance of the trip ; number of passengers.
  • Inescapable : the liability insurance coverage of at least one million dollars ($2 million outside of Quebec). Call your insurer.
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