Rental housing: Québec solidaire presents an emergency plan

MONTREAL – Quebec solidaire (QS) submits to the government Legault an emergency plan for the housing and the press to fight the “locations illegal” type Airbnb.

The political formation of the left considers a housing crisis in a context of pandemic COVID-19.

“Many families in search of a new place to live with a Damocles sword above the head: they still do not know if they will be relocating the 1st of July,” said Sunday the spokesman for Québec solidaire, Manon Massé, by issuing a press release.

“Nobody should be left to the street on 1 July,” said Ms. Massey.

The lifting of emergency measures of health will ensure that thousands of tenants are going to go back and look for a rental at the same time, pointed out the mp and co-responsible person in terms of housing, Andrés Fontecilla.

“However, the shortage of housing that we observe everywhere in Quebec for several months, we fear that there is not enough housing available for everyone”, he anticipated.

According to the mna for Laurier-Dorion, delays in the delivery of new housing will increase pressure on the rental market.

However, thousands of units of housing in rental on Airbnb are unoccupied due to the drop in tourism, he said.

“The government should intensify the inspection of all rentals illegal type Airbnb so that these units are again available on the rental market,” continued the member of parliament in solidarity.

In addition to the pressure on Airbnb, the emergency plan SQ plans to give the possibility to the tenants whose housing has not been re-rented to renew their lease and put in place measures for emergency shelter, including hotel rooms vacant.

It also recommends support through a special fund, the office of housing.

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