Repairs to the wharf of Pointe-aux-Basques

Réfection du quai de Pointe-aux-Basques

A crucial step was taken this week at the Port of Sept-Îles, with the delivery of the steel parts that will be used in the rehabilitation of the wharf of Pointe-aux-Basques.

This infrastructure was badly in need of a cure of youth. It was closed two years ago following the loss of its load bearing capacity.

A new facade is built on a length of 260 meters. It is made up of piles and sheet piles that are driven into the ground. A template is used to guide the workers in this delicate operation.

“Inside, there are inserts that allow you to install the palplanche. It gives us the exact alignment”, explained Friday to TVA Nouvelles , the director of engineering at the Port of Sept-Îles, Manon D’auteuil.

“We have a system of hammers-vibration which helps to push the sheet piles. The system used is vibratory. This is not like a hammer that knocks. The noise is lower for marine mammals, and also for the population”, she added.

Particular attention is paid to the presence of whales, including the minke whales that frequent sometimes the sector.

“A person is appointed to be the supervisor of marine mammals. If he sees a marine mammal in the area ordered, the work shall immediately cease. One expects a half-hour that the marine mammal has left before starting the sinking,” said Ms. D’auteuil.

The repairs to the wharf of Pointe-aux-Basques requires the use of massive steel parts such as piles, sheet piles and tie rods which were manufactured in Europe and shipped by sea. Their cost amounts to a total of $ 4.4 million for a project totalling $20 million.

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