Repeated call from the prime minister to medical specialists

Appel répété du premier ministre aux médecins spécialistes

Despite calls for reinforcements launched last week to doctors, specialists, François Legault believes that there is still a shortage of 2000 people, available “full-time” to meet the needs in a CHSLD.

“Our national emergency, it is the situation in our NURSING homes, in our residences for elderly people”, has declared Monday, Mr. Legault, making the point on the situation.

While the Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec (FMSQ), said Thursday, have mobilized 2 300 of its members, since, only “a hundred” came to lend a hand-in-hand, reported Mr. Legault. “Obviously, we need much more than that,” he recalled. And especially people willing to work “full-time”, to avoid, in particular, “that there was too much back-and-forth”, he explained.

On Twitter, the FMSQ was quick to clarify that on nearly 700 of its members available to full-time, “100 only have been called”. The others are only available during the week or on the weekend. Québec and the two main unions of doctors (specialists and general practitioners (gps) have announced by way of press release to the conclusion of a deployment plan, Monday morning.

  • Listen to the analysis from the point of release of the government with Geneviève Pettersen and Vincent Dessureault at QUB radio:

Full availability

“When I say full-time, it is full time for two weeks, the time to regain control”, later insisted the prime minister.

The needs are great: in all of the residences, there is now 4000 seniors with the coronavirus.

“If someone had told me that, on day one, I would have said: Well, let’s see”, confessed Mr. Legault.

In order to release a maximum of doctors, the government decided to postpone for two weeks any activity non-urgent in hospitals.

Mr. Legault has minimized the impact of these reports. “It is easy to make people afraid. […] People who are in need of treatment for cancer, for heart, which is urgent, will receive the treatment, he assured. Therefore, it is very clear. Emergencies are to be made. But all that is possible to see, well, it’s going to be postponed.”

A lot less volunteers

The prime minister has also made a surprising correction: while it was reported Friday more than 50 000 volunteers registered on the site “I can help!”, by eliminating the duplicates, rather it is 19 000 people who have truly raised the hand.

Approximately 15 000 applicants rejected will be recalled in order to check their availability. “We don’t want to have people come a day or half a day,” said Mr. Legault.

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