Report of the olympic games in 2021: Still more appreciated by the paralympic athletes

Report des JO en 2021: Encore plus apprécié par les athlètes paralympiques

In the concerns for the health of the athletes raises the pandemic COVID-19, the canadian paralympic Committee (CPC) rises first in line to greet the postponement of the paralympic Games to Tokyo in 2021.

The offset in one year of these Games, which were due to be held from 25 August to 6 September, announced in the same breath as the deferral of the olympic Games, is even more of a circumstance, according to the CPC, since many of the athletes involved are living with different life conditions.

“There is a difference because we, when we speak of health of the athletes, it is even more difficult for some of the paralympic athletes who have immune systems and lung conditions much more fragile. Therefore, they are at risk. We think of athletes, boccia, and wheelchair rugby, many of whom have severe disabilities and health conditions are more exposed,” said the president of the CPC, Marc-Andre Fabien.

Logical decision

Redefine the version paralympic Tokyo 2020’s results in the canadian athletes with the same upheavals and feelings to their peers at the games. The CPC has taken advantage of the video conferencing held on Tuesday with the canadian olympic Committee (COC) – which was attended by more than 600 sports – to talk about the health reasons and uncertainty that had guided it in its announcement on Sunday not to send officials to Japan if the Games were held in the summer of 2020.

“You can’t ask athletes to train properly so that all sports facilities are closed, or force them to go against the directives of the health authorities and public health in Canada,” says Marc-André Fabien.

“This, too, in a context where there are athletes in other countries who can continue to train. We have created literally two classes of athletes for the Games, those in full form and at the peak of their performance, and those who are not, because they would have had to sacrifice several months of training.”

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