Reporter: Turkey has threatened the U.S. to recognize the genocide of the Indians

Корреспондент: Турция пригрозила США признать геноцид индейцев

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a TV channel A Haber threatened the United States in response to the recognition of the Armenian genocide in 1915, to adopt a resolution on the genocide of Indians during the colonization of America.The Turkish leader urged U.S. lawmakers to examine millions of documents from the Ottoman era about events of 1915, which Ankara has opened for shared access.”We also need to oppose you with the same decisions of our Parliament. And we are going to do. Is it possible to be silent about the Indians, talking about America?”- Erdogan said.The Turkish President stressed that “the extermination of the Indians was a shameful page in US history”.Recall, December 12, the U.S. Senate adopted a resolution recognizing the genocide of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire.In the late XIX — early XX century, the Ottoman Empire carried out the persecution of the Armenian population. According to some historians, in 1915 killed more than 1.5 million Armenians.The fact of the genocide is recognized by over 20 countries, however, Turkey believes it is incorrect to use the term “genocide”, claiming that in that period was a fratricidal war and both sides suffered heavy losses.

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