Reports: Prince Charles wants to save Archie’s grandson from America

Reports: Prince Charles wants to save Archie’s grandson from America

Reports: Prince Charles wants to save Archie’s grandson from America

There are too many outlandish stories about the royal family to count, but the idea that Prince Charles really going to fly over the Atlantic Ocean on some kind of rescue mission, especially there. Gossip saw several stories about the heir to the throne taking his grandson Archie away from his parents, Prince harry and Meghan Markle… Here are some of the shocking royal rumors we recently investigated.

Archie’s Rescue

IN Women’s Day According to legend, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles secretly flew to Hollywood to kidnap, make a mistake, and rescue their grandson Archie. The royal family reportedly believed that a child could only be protected from COVID-19 by being in London. An alleged “senior source” said: “They are concerned that Meghan and Harry are not fully protected at their new Los Angeles mansion and have security that is not used to work with the royal family.”

In retrospect, this story looks even worse than it originally did. We now know that the royal family did not offer the safety of Markle and Prince Harry, so they turned to Tyler Perry for help instead. We also know that Prince Charles and Prince William contracted the virus, but Princes Harry and Markle (as far as we know) managed to avoid it. This top secret trip never took place, so Gossip was right in exposing this story.

Prince Charles comes under guardianship?

After a few months, Women’s Day was for it again. This time, Prince Charles allegedly tried to get custody of Archie. He reportedly hated just seeing the boy on Zoom calls, and he was seriously considering using a little-known 1717 law to gain “full legal custody” of his grandchildren. Gossip thought this story was rather pathetic. This story did not mention the existence of COVID-19, and instead it was decided to blame Markle and Prince Harry for the separation. The aforementioned law of 1717 is not a law at all, and archaic royal prerogatives in 2021 do not work.

Prince Charles gets revenge

Tabloids are everywhere, whether or not Prince Charles loves his grandchildren. A case in point is National Enquirer the story of how Prince Charles bitterly deprives the Markle children of their royal titles. According to the insider, Prince Charles “hit Megan in the most painful place, depriving her of power and prestige.” He even planned to take the titles away from her children, remove them from his will and forbid the palace to ever pronounce the name Markle again. In this story, Prince Charles is portrayed as a cartoon supervillain who is trying to get rid of disappointment in children. The name Markle is still mentioned by the royal family, in fact, constantly, so this story was completely contrived.

Meghan’s child title blocking

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? When Lilibet Diana was born, Us weekly It is reported that Prince Charles will not allow her to receive the royal title. The source said, “Charles made it very clear to Harry and Meghan that their children will not receive royal titles,” which terrified the residents of Sussex. This malice was invented as Archie and Lilibet Diana are currently planning to inherit their parents’ titles. After all, Lilibet is in line for the throne, so Gossip ruined this story.

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