Republican Convention: Trump will be travelling to Florida for his appointment

Convention républicaine: Trump se rendra en Floride pour sa nomination

It is in Florida, and not North Carolina, that Donald Trump should celebrate his appointment expected as the candidate for his re-election, when the republican convention, announced on Thursday evening the head of the party.

“We are delighted to hold the acceptance by Donald Trump for the republican nomination in the great city of Jacksonville! “, has tweeted Ronna McDaniel.

“Florida is crucial for the victory. We look forward to bringing this great celebration and this economic boom ” in the State, she added.

The american president had recently indicated that he was looking for a State other than North Carolina to organize the republican convention.

The event was originally planned from 24 to 27 August, in Charlotte, before the governor, democrat Roy Cooper says that in pursuance of the recommendations of the health authorities, it was necessary to consider a gathering on a smaller format, with social distancing and mask-wearing.

To the chagrin of the president, who in a series of tweets deplored this decision and criticized the elected to be ” always in a state of mind containment “.

It is, thus, Jacksonville will host the celebration of the designation of Mr. Trump as a candidate for re-election.

According to a press release of the party, other activities of the convention will be held, despite everything, Charlotte. According to the Washington Post, it is to honor the contracts already signed.

“Because of the current restrictions related to the Covid-19 in North Carolina, do not allow the celebration to happen in Charlotte, and because the governor did not want to work with (the republican party) to provide guidelines, the celebration of the appointment and the economic impact that goes along with it must be moved to Jacksonville “, said the release of the republican party.

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