Republican Senator Kennedy ‘Defund the Police’ scam – Some people are ‘just not fit to be a part of our society’

Republican Senator Kennedy ‘Defund the Police’ scam – Some people are ‘just not fit to be a part of our society’

Republican Senator Kennedy ‘Defund the Police’ scam – Some people are ‘just not fit to be a part of our society’

Senator John Kennedy (Republican of Los Angeles) addressed Fox News on Wednesday to criticize Democrats for their efforts to “defund the police,” saying that law enforcement is crucial because some people “just aren’t fit. to be part of our society. ” “

Kennedy then asked President Joe Biden to definitively reject the idea of ​​withdrawing funds from the police as crime increases across the country.

Kennedy defends the need for police

“[T]here are some people in this world who are just not fit to be a part of our society, ”Kennedy began. “They are not sick. They are not mixed, they are not confused. It’s not about whether your mom or dad loved you enough. They are simply antisocial. In terms of public safety, they are just bad. “

“And we, I thought as a society, had agreed that that’s why we need law enforcement to get them off the streets and protect law-abiding citizens from them,” he added. That was a universal truth. Apparently not anymore, not all, but a lot of my fellow Democrats have turned 180 degrees. “

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Kennedy defends American policemen

Without stopping there, Kennedy proceeded to redouble his efforts defending American police officers.

“Now, the bad guys are the police. I listen to it every day, ”he said. “The cops are guilty until proven innocent, and they are all a bunch of racists, apparently even African American cops. I just don’t understand. And President Biden, bless him, can run like a burning fox and say, no me, I never said that, I’m not part of it. “

“He was wrong,” Kennedy added. “He has said it. Look at the Democratic platform, the written Democratic platform that you ran on. He wrote it. They talk about reinventing the police. And the president has endorsed each of our top Democratic mayors in every major Democratic city. “

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“They didn’t just talk about defunding the police, they did it,” he continued. “And what was the result? It was very predictable.”

“Crime has skyrocketed and can be reversed, but if the president asks my opinion, he has not done it, but if he did, I would say, Mr. President, you must stand in front of God and country and say, all this police dispossession he has to stop and tell his supporters, these Democratic mayors, to raise the police, “he concluded. “Don’t leave them.”

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This piece was written by James Samson on July 29, 2021. It originally appeared on LifeZette and is used with permission.

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