Republicans pin down Hunter Biden's “embarrassing” business

Republicans pin down Hunter Biden's

Washington | Despite repeated warnings about his son's “embarrassing” business in Ukraine and China when he was vice president, Joe Biden had not reacted, according to a report by Republican senators released on Wednesday, which failed to highlight. evidence of an attempt to influence US policy or to aid Hunter Biden.

Six weeks before the November 3 presidential election, Republicans are looking back on the Ukrainian affair that earned Donald Trump historic impeachment proceedings.

Democrats accused the Republican president of abusing his presidential office by pressuring Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son's business activities.

The billionaire had been acquitted.

In the parliamentary inquiry report, Republican senators point out that Joe Biden did nothing, when he was the vice president of Barack Obama, to prevent his son from using his name to carry out activities in China and in China. Ukraine which seemed intended to allow foreign companies to establish links in the United States.

But they admit they failed to demonstrate that the Democrat, then vice president, influenced U.S. foreign policy or acted to help his son Hunter Biden, 50.

“The explosive new revelations of the Senate investigation (…) point to an incredible level of corruption and breathtaking attacks on national security,” reacted the communications director of the Trump campaign team, Tim Murtaugh.

Its pages reveal “that Joe Biden simply lied when he said he never spoke to Hunter about his overseas business affairs,” he continues.

The report examines Hunter Biden's business ties with Ukrainian gas group Burisma, which invited him to sit on its board for $ 50,000 a month, and Chinese investment fund Bohai Capital between 2013 and 2016.

The report believes that Hunter Biden's relationship with Burisma was “embarrassing” for the US government and had “hindered” the implementation of anti-corruption measures in Ukraine.

US Vice President Joe Biden supported reforms in Ukraine at the time and demanded the dismissal of Attorney General Viktor Chokine, citing his poor record against corruption.

For Donald Trump and his supporters, Joe Biden had asked for this dismissal in order to protect his son. Yet his departure was also requested by the European Union and the IMF.

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