Requiem for the cinema

The coronavirus is going to sign the death warrant of the cinema, but is it so terrible ? It was only a matter of time before the majority of the rooms do not close their doors.

There will be specialty rooms with the equipment necessary to stimulate the five senses of the spectators. Will of blockbuster products at the cost of hundreds of millions. Some rooms dingy chairs threadbare will continue to welcome moviegoers nostalgic and aging.

The rooms are not going to disappear all of a sudden. In China, where there are 70,000 rooms and where the home theater are rarer than in the West, this is not tomorrow that they will close all. Same thing in India and in several countries in Africa where there are hundreds of open-air cinemas.

In Paris, the theatres are still very busy. But it is a particular phenomenon. It has a good portion of the time period of 10 to 30 months imposed by the superior Council of the audiovisual between the first projection of a movie in the room and its broadcast on television.


In North America, the assistance in the room to decrease by approximately 5 % per year over the past two decades. Last year, 55 % of Americans responding to a survey expressed a preference to see the movies on tv compared to 13 % who prefer to see in a theater. One in five fits as well one way as another.

How the cinema room could he survive the pandemic, that the popcorn keeps alive artificially for years ? Without the outrageous profits that they made on the pop corn, candy and drinks, coca-cola would lose more than $ 100 million per year. The films, which are the reason of all rooms, account for less than 45 % of the revenue.

The pandemic is in the process of doing away with the time that was needed most of the country between the output of a film and its broadcast on tv. It was another way to keep the rooms alive. These times will they be restored when the situation would return to normal ? This would be suicidal.


Most will have discovered during these months of confinement the pleasure of watching a movie in the quiet of the home. Several movie-goers curious, as I was, went to the movie theatre because they did not have the patience to wait to see it on tv.

How many of us will want to run the risk of sitting in a movie theater before they have been vaccinated against the virus ? 12 to 18 months it will take to create a vaccine (if it happens) will be more than enough to make me lose to never want to see a movie between a person who chews the popcorn, and another that reads her messages on her cell phone.

In China, on the 23rd of march, it was re-opened 500 theatres. Three days later, total revenues amounted to less than 3000 $, because there had been only one spectator per day in most of the rooms. They were all closed again and the are still.

The cinema will not die of the disappearance of the rooms. Quite to the contrary. The tv will ensure its sustainability and its funding. Thanks to it, the number of moviegoers will increase dramatically as the leaves believe the current success of all the pay platforms offering on-demand movies.

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