Requiem over the fortress in Brest honored the memory of heroes

That night, in the Brest fortress held a rally-Requiem. There we met the dawn and the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Olga Baranova.

Brest is not sleeping. To the side of the fortress-the hero is sent an endless stream of people. Anxious to meet the dawn come here from all CIS countries.

“We came from Moscow. Place a mystical, and at this time it is important to be in this place”, “We came from Minsk especially here, in the Brest fortress to see and learn more about the time the war started, about what was the situation in the country, what were people mood”, – told the guests to Brest.

The night of sorrow has opened the meeting-Requiem. The water of the Western bug lowered wreaths and laid them to the plates of the memorial and Eternal flame. The action was watched by a few thousand people. Despite the age and poor health came here and the veterans.

“We were told on the radio that the war began – the Germans attacked the Soviet Union. Us directly by plants – what plant. We have collected the mortars for the cavalry,” – said Nicholas Miller, a veteran of the great Patriotic war.

And at dawn in the fortress shots were heard again. The strengthening of Kobrin, thousands of reenactors recreated the first few minutes of the legendary defense. It is a unique reconstruction, which takes place in a historically accurate location and the exact time.

“This tragedy is happening before our eyes. This is why we stay the night experienced left a piece of his soul that remembered the tragedy that it is not repeated in our land”, – said Alexander Zhirkov member of the reconstruction.

Brest fortress – the legendary, the heroic place. The Nazis planned to take the citadel in a few hours. And it is not expected that the defense will last a long 32 days.

The title of hero fortress received in 1965. The names of many victims are still unknown. But the memory of them alive. Belarus during the great Patriotic war suffered enormous casualties. Killed one third of. Commemorative events today will take place not only in Brest, but also throughout the country.