Require to change the design of trains “Tavria”

Требую изменить дизайн фирменных поездов «Таврия»

For the first time today showed video of the cars of firm trains “Tavria”, which will run on the Crimean bridge.

“Soon our trains will go to the Crimea. You will find them in thousands!”

This was stated by the representatives of the carrier “Grand Service Express”

Earlier it was reported that the first composition from St. Petersburg to Sevastopol will go on 23 December, the day in Simferopol will depart a passenger train from Moscow.

It is assumed that the start of the opening of railway communication with the Crimea will give the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In addition, it was reported that at the railway station of Simferopol train arriving from the mainland will be met by the hymn “My Simferopol — the gate of the Crimea”, at the railway station in Sevastopol — “Legendary Sevastopol”, and go train with Crimean stations traditionally are under a March “Farewell of Slav””.

Wonderful! No, the truth is wonderful. All good, but the design still some bugs.


Where on earth do you like it? Again, graze the back? Courage is necessary – “Mosfilm, as Mosfilm”. Well place the advertisement of the leader of the film industry. You feel sorry for it? Support domestic producers.

Where is the respect for the aspirations of the brotherly neighbors? Especially those who even “in the bite” can’t? Even though eyes are for sell. Don’t be so Gorgol.

Something like – “the subtleties of this work is not required, it is performed with special chisel…”.

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