“Rescue Animal” : to risk his life for animals

«Sauvetage Animal» : risquer sa vie pour les animaux

Animals, danger, excitement and strong sensations: this is the cocktail which will build VAT with a new show, Rescue animal, in which professionals risk their lives to save those animals in danger.

The filming of the Rescue animal that has been interrupted due to the pandemic, VAT no announcement for the moment no release date for this novelty produced by Urbania in collaboration with Quebecor’s Content, but we can already assume that the result will be spectacular.

The docu-reality directed by Mathieu Arsenault (Emergency mental health, Stand up) we will meet Eric Dussault, firefighter training, and Isabelle Vachon-Girard, a former medical technician in the canadian armed Forces, the founders of the squad Rescue Animal Rescue, which helps animals in bad shape.

The camera Rescue animal will follow them in their daily activities, often weird and dangerous. Nothing is scripted in advance; it adapts to the distress calls and were immersed.

“I like to compare it to Ghostbusters, flute Mathieu Arsenault in an interview. Eric and Isabelle, are the founders of the company and they form a couple in life. Several volunteers work with them. They are all people dedicated to the animals 100 %. As soon as they get a call for a rescue, they move, regardless of the animal and the situation. They do not hesitate to put their life in danger to save animals.”

A variety of hazards

Hearts sensitive so taken of our furry friends and feathered, would undoubtedly have a cold sweat looking at Rescue animal. All kinds of scenes of danger will be at the heart of episodes: family of cats stuck in the walls of an apartment montreal occupied by a dangerous criminal, castor camped in a hydroelectric dam in the middle of the waves, torrential, turkey wild impaled by the arrow of a hunter, python lost in a park of Montreal, deer prisoner at the Port of Montreal, lost dog. Farm animals, domestic or wild, and the heroes of Rescue Animal Rescue do not exercise any discrimination when it comes time to accomplish their duty.

The production team has even visited Australia for ten days, in January, to film the rescue of koalas in an enclave, barely a few kilometres of the forest then ravaged by the roaring fires that engulfed the country.

“The mission was to take out the koalas of the fires, and it was very complex, precise, Mathieu Arsenault. It is not snapping their fingers, a koala. It is a wild animal. It has required countless hours of research under the sun, in the smoke. And, even once we had found them, the descend from the trees asked a traditional technique. He had to climb to the top with a perch. It was extremely difficult.”

And the result will not necessarily always be happy, admits Mathieu Arsenault. For example, in spite of all the vigilance of the band Rescue Animal Rescue, a cat standing on a wall in the middle of the highway 20 has left his life in the traffic during one of the shoots.

“This is an issue that raises ethical issues, concludes Mathieu Arsenault. Why save such an animal? What is the value of an animal’s life? Why so much evil? There will also be the adrenaline that comes with this kind of intervention. Even me, behind the camera, I became addicted to the energy that arises when the phone rings and we hand on the ground! It is known that it will not be ordinary…”

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