Rescuers of the Almaty have tested the alert system



“Attention all” – this signal rescuers of the Almaty will be broadcast once a month and include sirens, reports channel “MIR 24”.

Today was the first technical inspection. Siren, and their more than 300, include centrally from the spetstsentr of the Department of emergency situations. The signal of the emergency alert covers 70% of the city’s territory. Through any receiving device, the rescuers are ready to inform the public of emergency and disaster. In particular, to transmit the signals to the TV and radio channels.

“To date we have blocked over 500 channels. All the resources that broadcast in the city of Almaty, have the ability to bring extra information to the population, even if he rides in the car. A signal interrupts the receiver, even if the person listens to music from a flash drive,” – said the head of the Department of Informatization and communications of the Department of emergency situations of Almaty Yerlan Kuttybayev.

During a howling siren rescuers are asking residents and guests of Almaty to remain calm.