Research scientists: at what age do the first signs of aging

Professor at Harvard medical school Alex Cbell conducted a study which helped to understand in more details the process of aging.

Дослідження вчених: в якому віці з&#039являються перші ознаки старіння

This experiment lasted for two years. It was attended by more than 200 women of different nationalities, informs Rus.Media.

The results surprised even the scientists

During the work carried out, the researchers came to the conclusion that throughout life in the skin of man there are five main processes, slowing on five stages. The first process of slowing down begins when the reduced amounts of antioxidants – this period begins twenty years.

But in General, the beginning of visible aging at all is different. It all depends on lifestyle, race and genetics. The average is 30-35 years.

How to care for your skin at different ages:

20 years: this age should start to use cream, which contains antioxidants, green tea extracts and fruit acids.

30 years: at this age our bodies produce less collagen, the skin gradually loses its ability to recover. To fix this, you need to add nicotinamide or vitamin B3 is in hair.

40 years: at this stage, the skin goes through a stage of cellular aging, so funds for skin care is to add retinol, peptides and glycolic acid.

50 years: the skin is no longer able to provide enough moisture noticeably dry. At this age it is necessary to use different oils to care.

Дослідження вчених: в якому віці з&#039являються перші ознаки старіння

60 years: at this age all of the above processes are amplified several times, so you should start to expose yourself a little physical exercise. For example, is ideal for slow running or Cycling.