Research: sweets and pastries also can contribute to weight loss

Choosing high-calorie dessert may contribute to more healthy nutrition.

Дослідження: солодощі і випічка теж можуть сприяти схудненню

The secret is to choose a dessert before everything else, informs Rus.Media.

Psychologists from the University of Arizona conducted an experiment. They placed two kinds of dessert (fresh fruit vs lemon cheesecake) at the beginning of the line the University canteen. When the visitors took the cheesecake, after they chose low-calorie main dishes or side dishes, and ultimately consumed less calories than those who initially chose the fresh fruit. When the experimenters removed the desserts at the end of the line, such effects were not observed. In the cafeteria there was a menu with a fixed price, so the cost of meals does not affect the choice of subjects.

Psychologists suggest that those who took the cake, tried to neutralize his potential further harm choice more easy and healthy food. At the same time, participants who preferred the fruit probably decided that already did a good thing for your body, and can therefore afford relief in the form of other high-calorie food.

Psychologists repeated the experiment in different variations, including online, having desserts at the beginning and at the end of the menu, and came around to the same result. The exception was the experiment with visitors involved in complex mental conclusions. These people took the cheesecake and likely continued to choose high-fat foods (e.g. fried fish with French fries instead of boiled chicken with salad).

Researchers believe that food (especially buffet) and online application for the delivery of food could contribute to the spread of healthy eating through proper placement of the healthy or less healthy food. This can be done not to the detriment of trade, because healthy meals are often more expensive than unhealthy.