Researchers have dispelled another myth that has developed around dietary Supplements

Исследователи развеяли очередной миф, который сложился вокруг БАДов

Scientists from the U.S. believe that multivitamins are useless for the heart. To confirm their assumptions, they spent more than 18 studies involving more than 2 million people. The researchers came to the conclusion that such additives do not even reduce the risk of death. Vitamins and minerals, according to scientists, have no clinical benefit – it has been proven in clinical studies.

The use of dietary Supplements will not prevent heart attack, and will not strengthen the heart. For volunteers watched 12 years and during that time the researchers saw positive dynamics. Scientists hope that the hype on supplements will decrease, and people will start to use the proven methods that oseltamivir act on the heart.

Statistics control for food and drug administration says that more than 30% of the population use dietary supplements.


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